Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ulta Goodies!

Long time, no see! As I am sure you are aware, the holidays are a very hectic time and I have not had the time to dedicate to my blog as often as I would like and thank everyone for sticking with me though this rough patch! 

To get back in the swing of things I figured I would share some goodies I received from Ulta. Recently, one of my sisters happened to be out and about shopping for gifts and ended up at an Ulta picking up a few things when she ran into an Ulta associate, Raquel, and got to talking about this blog you are reading right now! After my sister had mentioned my blog, Raquel said she happened to keep up on a lot of beauty blogs and offered to give my sister a few little goodies for me to try out. Therefore, I owe a ginormous thank you and a shout-out to Raquel from the Ulta (store number 239) at the Fair Lakes Center in Fairfax, Virginia! As well, I owe a thank you to my sister as well for packaging up these goodies and sending them to me! 

Alright, so you may be wondering.... so what did I get? I know, the anticipation is killing me too!

Dermatologica Be Bright! (Gift with Purchase Set)
Top Left to Right: Precleanse (1 fl oz), Special Cleansing
Gel (1.7 fl oz), Gentle Cream (0.3 fl oz) Exfoliant
Bottom: Daily Resurfer x2
juiceBEAUTY Green Apple Peel Sensitive (0.25 fl oz)
Tarte Smooth Operator Amozonian Clay Finishing Powder (0.07 oz.)
Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel (6 fl oz)
Once again, Thank you so very much to the Ulta at Fair Lakes Center for providing these great products to try out. 

A mini collective review will be coming soon, so check back in a week for that!

Have you picked up any goodies from Ulta lately?
Let me know in the comments!

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