Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hair Review: Goody Spin Pins

Being the kind of girl that doesn't like to spend a ton of time on her hair, I have discovered something amazing! Goody Spin Pins!

Honestly I have no idea how I ever did my hair up in a bun without these amazing pins! Before I had the chance to try out these pins, creating a ballerina bun or top knot in the morning took wayyyy too long for my liking. If I had wanted to wear a bun that day it was guaranteed that I had to wake up at least 25-30 minutes earlier which is not something I would be jumping for joy about. But thanks to these magical pins I am guaranteed to have a perfectly cute bun up on my head in less than 5 minutes!

The Old Way:
1.) Put my hair up into a high pony tail, which took 5 minutes in and of itself just to get it perfect
2.) Once the ponytail was just right and secure I would put a chignon doughnut onto the ponytail
3.) Splay the ponytail all over the chignon doughnut
4.) Put a pony over the hair splayed around the doughnut to keep the hair in place
5.) Wrap the excess hair around the bun and secure with bobbie pins

The New Way:
1.) Gather my hair up into a ponytail and hold it with one of my hands, not using a ponytail holder
2.) Start twisting my hair while still holding the hair into the "pony"
3.) Keep twisting until the hair starts to coil around itself
4.) Tuck the ends underneath
5.) Twist in one Spin Pin from the bottom of the bun and another from the top and whalah! I'm done!

Technically, there are still the same number of steps involved, but just holding my hair and twisting takes much less time than than actually putting it into a pony, sliding the doughnut onto the pony and splaying the hair around. I also like the fact that instead of having two hairbands and a zillion bobbie pins attempting to hold my hair in, there are just two simple spiral pins holding it all in place securely (well actually more securely than the hairbands and bobbie pins does!).

Thanks to these spin pins, doing a nice bun takes just a few short minutes and no longer requires a long process for virtually the same result. The Verdict: If you like to put your hair into a bun often, invest in these pins! They will save time and frustration without sacrificing looks.

The Stats:
 - Super easy to use! (Just spin em' in!)
 - Faster than other methods I have used for buns
 - Securely holds buns for everyone with thin hair to thick hair
 - Retails anywhere from $5.50-$7.29

How do you like to style your hair?
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