Sunday, October 14, 2012

Makeup Review: theBalm timeBalm Concealer

We all have those mornings when we wake up and look at ourselves in the mirror and think: "Oh my god! Did someone give me a black eye while I was sleeping, or are those just dark circles?" Or maybe that's just me, but with that said, sometimes everyone, ESPECIALLY those of us with major dark circles, can benefit from a good under-eye concealer.

theBalm timeBalm Concealer

Enter theBalm TimeBalm Concealer. There it was, like a god-sent in the mail and I finally got my perfectly manicured hands on it! I had been researching online and reading reviews of the many concealers out there claiming to be the best and happened to stumble upon this on so I decided, "Hey, why not start off my concealer journey with this? It has some pretty good reviews and is designed for under the eyes, it's a match made in heaven!" So off I went to the checkout with it in my virtual basket and proceeded to buy it. So far it has been one of my better decisions in life when it comes to beauty products!

Once I hacked open the packaging I was met with a tiny 7.5g clear plastic jar of creamy concealer in lighter than light. Before completely discarding the packaging though, I did notice that it actually recommends wearing this product during the day, night and at bedtime because of the wrinkle fighting ingredients.

theBalm timeBalm Concealer in Lighter Than Light on the Right

When I finally got around to applying this bad boy under my eyes I was met with naturally wide-awake flawless looking undereyes! Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! It completely conceales my hard-to-hide dark circles in just one layer and instantly makes my face look overall brighter. The only downside it that it does have a bit of a tendancy to crease, but the product can be easily blended out with the tap of a fingertip, so it isn't much of a problem.

The only weird thing about this product is that it feel a bit funny when I go to take off my makeup at night to just take off everything else but my undereye concealer, but with the very few teeny tiny wrinkles I have around my eyes, I feel like I can see and feel a difference in how deep they are and how moisturized my undereyes are, but if you are looking for a miracle product, this isn't it. Honestly this is hands-down THE BEST undereye concealer I have tried to date!

The Stats:
 - Super creamy, easy to blend formula
 - Fights wrinkles with vitamins A,C, and E as well as Soybean Oil, Panthenole,
 - Recommended for use 24/7 (Really!)
 - Comes in an array of 6 shades
 - Retails at $18.00 for 7.5 grams/0.26 OZ

What are your favorite concealers for dark circles?
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