Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Premier Beauty Classic

I just attended the 2012 Premier Beauty Classic this year and I have to say, it was just as fun as last year's was with even more booths and deeper discounts on professional beauty items! Here's what what the convention was like!

While I was there I just had to pick up a couple of beauty items, because I mean, who goes to a Beauty Convention without dropping a bit of cash on products, am I right?

Products Left to Right: Living Proof Frizz Straight Spray (for fine to medium hair),
O.P.I. Samoan Sands, Living Proof Frizz Curl Styling Cream (for medium to coarse),
Essie Ballet Slippers, O.P.I. Barefoot in Barcelona, Essie Mint Candy Apple,
John Paul Mitchell Teasing Brush, Crown Brush Pro Blending Crease,
Pointed Lip Brush, and Crescent Shadow
In addition to the stuff shown, I also bought two client capes and one stylist apron to use and wear at cosmetology school. Plus, I got an insane deal on them (3 for $20) when buying them in a normal Sally's would cost at least $10 each. Overall I feel like I got really great deals at the hair show, Essie polishes were only $4.00 each so basically a 2 for the price of one deal, $4.50 each for O.P.I. so I felt it was about time to splurge on some new polishes, especially because I have been wanting the two Essie polishes I picked out for quite a while now, but just never came around to buying them.

Have you hauled any goodies lately?
Tell me your new purchases in the comments!

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