Tuesday, August 28, 2012

6 Tips To Getting Gorgeous On-The-Go

Sometimes we (yes, me included!) just do not have enough time to get ready in the morning, so whether you are running late or need to quickly touch-up in the middle of the day  I have a few tips and tricks to keep in mind!

1.) To start a long day off on the right foot, use longlasting cosmetics. Sometimes cosmetics companies go overboard and try and make claims that their products last a buzzillion hours when in reality, you may only be  wearing it for 16 at max. So do try and pick out products in the morning that have key words on the packaging like smudge-proof, long-wearing, and long-lasting. However, don't go out and buy every product you find that's advertised as 24 hour wear time because most likely you will never keep them on that long to see if they really do last. 

2.) If you are running late and you happen to be in dire need of putting on some mascara and eyeliner while in a moving vehicle, wait until it comes to a stop! I can not stress this enough because honestly, no one looks good with red, irritated eyes after almost poking them out with an eyeliner pencil!

3.) This probably goes without saying, but always keep a compact mirror with you at all times! We have all been there trying to use the backs of our iPods and phone screens for mirrors, but most-often it just doesn't cut it, so make sure you always keep a compact with you!

4.) Whenever I am running late, the thing I most forget to do is brush my hair! So my advice is to always keep a small compact pop-out brush with mirror combo with you or in your bag so when you are running late and you find yourself in a bad hair day scenario, you have your handy-dandy brush to help keep your hair in check.

5.) For those of you who love to straighten and curl their hair everyday, I suggest leaving a mini or portable straightener or curling iron at your place of work or your school locker so when your hair all of a sudden starts to turn too flat or curly for your liking, or if you are just in need of a quick style change before a big meeting or event, a mini iron may just save your hair!

6.) I also recommend always having a mini emergency kit with you always stocked with your must-haves. I like to create my own using a small cosmetics bag and stocking it with advil for headaches, mints, Colgate Wisps, deodorant, mini perfume, mattifying powder, bobbie pins, hairbands, and supplies for my monthly needs. But if you would prefer, some companies make pre-packaged mini-emergency kits complete with basically everything you could ever even think of needing!

So, What are your tips for getting gorgeous on the go?
Tell me in the comments!

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