Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travel Time!

As I was packing up and getting ready to visit my sister this summer, I decided to take you through a little picture tour of how I pack my beauty products and what exactly I decided to pack.
Hair Products
Skincare and Bath Products

To keep it simple, I like to use clear gallon sized bags to pack all of my hair products and bath products because many of those tend to be liquid and gel products and no one ever wants their shower gel to get all over their clothes in their suitcase. The one exception to this was my Sexy Hair products because they were too large to fit into the bag. I also normally wouldn't pack all this much stuff in relation to hair products, but I may be doing a couple peoples' hair while I'm staying with my sister so I wanted to make sure I had absolutely everything I would need for every hair type from heat protectant to curling gel I've got it all!

Beauty Bags!
Products in my Navy Blue Medium/Large Beauty Bag
(yes, this all fits in it with room to spare!)
Everyday essential products in the small blue patterned bag

I really tried not to over pack in the makeup department, but I know I added just a few too many products and at last minute I decided to throw in a few LORAC eye shadows even though I knew I wouldn't need them I just felt an overwhelming sense to have as much makeup with me as would fit into my main makeup bag! To organize my makeup I used one medium/large makeup bag to put mostly everything I would need in it and a smaller makeup bag to put my daily essentials in so I can pack up all of my makeup ahead of time and still have my daily essentials easily on hand for the next few days only using those products and then I just toss the small makeup bag into my purse before I leave.
Products from the small pink and orange travel/skincare bag

I also included another small makeup bag filled with travel and skincare products because my sister and I intend on taking a few weekend trips and it is easier to keep this bag on hand when the moment strikes!

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