Friday, June 15, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!

Just recently, Kenzie over at Pretty in Pink awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award and I couldn't be happier than to accept it! So a big thank you goes out to Kenzie for being so nice as to openly support me and my blog!

As with many of the awards,  this one requires me write down 7 random things about myself and nominate other worthy bloggers!

1.) I love watching Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries in bed on lazy days!
2.) I currently attend regular high school and a vocational school for Cosmetology.
3.) In makeup, I believe in quality over quantity, but that doesn't mean great quality can't come at affordable prices!
4.) Fall is my favorite time of year! Falling leaves, Halloween, and my birthday in the span of one season!
5.) I currently volunteer at a charity haunted house year round from construction, to makeup and hair, to the scary acting, I do it all! (I may have mentioned this before)
6.) My dream job someday is to either be an esthetician or a well-known makeup artist.
7.) I'm a blogger! But I guess if you are reading this then you have already figured that one out! 

Okay, so the last one there was kind-of a cheat, but hey, no one said I couldn't put that down as a random fact! Now on to the nominations!

Good luck on your future blogging endeavors to those of you awarded!

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