Thursday, June 7, 2012

Makeup Review: FaceOfAustralia Lip Quench SPF30+

Thanks to Stephanie at Beauty Soiree I got the amazing opportunity to try out some really great products from Australian made brands including these two lipsticks from FaceOfAustralia.

Left to Right: FaceOfAustralia Lip Quench SPF30+ in Malibu Barbie and
Lychee Crush
Having a hectic school schedule during finals and the impeding summer I thought these lipsticks may just be my new favorite lip products just from their name "Lip Quench SPF30+". And these lipsticks do start off quite well on my lips assuming they are freshly exfoliated and moisturized because imfortunately when they are not, these lipsticks have tendency to emphasize any dry cracks on my lips. Otherwise, these lipsticks look super smooth and feel just right on the lips, not too dry or too thick, just right between as a happy medium of lightweight texture, opaque pigmentation, and a silky consistency.

Swatches Left to Right: FaceOfAustralia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in
Angel Blush, Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Coy, Bloom Liquid Eye Shadow
in Neptune, and FaceOfAustralia Lip Quench SPF30+ in Malibu Barbie and
Lychee Crush each swiped 2 times
However, after a few hours of wear, I feel like these lipsticks actually do the opposite of what they are supposed to, as in instead of quenching my lips, they actually leave my lips a bit drier than when I first put it on. I thought this was strange, but every time without fail when I use this lipstick I find that it really does dry out my lips more and more. Weird how this product would do that, but I suppose the trade-off in this case is extreme pigment. So for those just starting with makeup may want to hold off on the brighter pigmented bullets because just a swipe or two of either shades results in an opaque pout ready for anything, but the brighter colors like Malibu Barbie may be a bit tricky to pull off daily. However, for those with a little more experience in the makeup arena may want to pick up the brighter colors to mix up their daily routine or mix them in with neutrals to create limitless custom colors to specifically fit your skintone or outfit.

The Stats:
 - Has SPF30 in it, perfect for summer!
 - Glides on silky and smooth
 - After a period of time the lipsticks actually start to dry out lips
 - Lips need to be exfoliated and moisturized prior to use to avoid emphasizing cracks and fine lines on the lips
 - Super pigmented!
 - No need for lipliner- these don't fade or feather!
 - Around $9.40 each (US Dollars)
 - Unfortunetly this company does not have a brand store online, however other online retailers such as stock this brand and ship internationally

What is your favorite brand of lipstick?
Tell me in the comments!

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