Thursday, May 17, 2012

Makeup Review: Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

Recently some new revolutionary products have been cropping up in drugstores, mousse and airfoam type foundation being one of them. So I hurried my little tail into the nearest CVS and picked up this interesting foundation.

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam in 110 Porcelain Ivory

As always, I couldn't wait to try out this foundation (just as I always am for any new foundation) and once I did, I was quite surprised by it! Not really knowing what to expect when I pressed down I was surprised to find that the foundation really was the same texture of hair mousse, but much less sticky.

what the foundation looks like after dispensing

Using just one press of the pump for no more than a second or two out comes a golf-ball sized amount of colored foam. But I quickly ran into a problem, what kind of brush do I use with this type of foundation? In today's world of foundations, the majority of use who are beauty inclined prefer to use brushes and when we face a product like this, it stumps us as to what kind of brush to use. So of course I turned the bottle around to see if they had a suggestion on how to apply and was greeted with a very detailed 4-step diagram to apply which was helpful, but at first I really did not want to use my hands to blend my foundation in as I just prefer brushes over anything else.

After trying the foundation using a normal foundation brush it looked streaky, a duo fiber brush just didn't pick up the product or distribute it right and even my beloved Flat Synthetic Bronzer Brush from Crown Brush just didn't seem to give me the airbrushed finish I craved. Finally I resorted to the suggestion on the bottle and applied using my hands. Needless to say the suggestion on the back of the bottle was the best way to apply it and receive the amazing airbrush finish I was craving, but I still don't like using my hands to apply foundation and would prefer the option to use a brush, but when the results are as great as they are, I am willing to get my hands a little dirty.

blending foundation

After all the mishaps and mayhem trying to figure out how to apply it best I found that when I applied with my hands I got a lightweight medium coverage that left my skin looking natural and almost airbrushed unlike many liquid foundations do. I also found that it left me with a semi-dewy complexion which is nice, but I prefer to have more matte look so I chose to set the foundation with Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Translucent. However one downfall is that the foundation isn't very buildable and doesn't exactly allow for extra coverage for blemishes or dark circles. I also found that the foundation sometimes rubbed off fairly easily even when set with a powder, so I would not recommend this if you like to touch your face a lot.

Overall I think this foundation is very unique and quite good, especially if you don't need full coverage and like dewy finishes. However, with my oily skin I feel this foundation may be best for me during the winter months rather than the hot days of summer when I prefer a bit more coverage and a matte finish.

The Stats:
 - Ranges from porcelain to deep skintones
 - Unique mousse texture
 - Feels lightweight
 - Super easy to apply with the hands
 - Not so easy to achieve satisfying results using brushes
 - Caution: Keep away from the eyes!
 - Medium coverage
 - SPF 16 Sunscreen
 - Dewy Finish

Have you tried any of these "airfoam" or "mousse" foundations?
Tell me what you think of them in the comments!


Arianne Cruz said...

this is very informative, thank u.. after I've tried a high end foundation, I don't want to go back to drugstores. but it's nice to see a review like this.

Kelsey said...

Even though I have tried a high end foundation or two I just always find some of the new drugstore foundations to be different and figure it is worth a try whether or not it works well because drugstore foundations often cost 1/3 of the price of a high end one and the price makes taking a risk with a new formula much easier for me.