Monday, May 28, 2012

Makeup Review: Bloom Sheer Colour Cream

Thanks to Stephanie at Beauty Soiree I got the amazing opportunity to try out some really great products from Australian made brands including Bloom Cosmetics. As I have been meaning to try out a cream blush for quite a while, I was super excited to try out this Sheer Colour Cream as soon as a saw it!

Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Coy
Being a little curious about the name (why don't they just market this product as a cream blush rather than Sheer Colour Cream?), I read the side of the box and found out that this product multitasks as a cream blush, lip color, and cream eyeshadow!Quite a bit of work for just one product, but when I go on vacation or to sleepovers, I like to keep the products I bring with me to a minimum and streamline my makeup routine and this product seems to fit the bill at the first look.

On cheeks this product really performs. Whether applied with fingers or a duo fibre brush (my preferred method) on skin or on top of liquid foundation this cream product blends seamlessly and looks natural. The color also leans a bit on the warm side of a peachy pink (yellow pink with peach mixed in would be the best description). However, when applied lips the color tends look a bit more peachy and has a tendancy to dry out my lips if a lip balm is not applied prior to this product. I also find that even when a primer is applied to the eye area with a coordinating powder atop this product, creasing is inevitable leaving this product best kept to the cheeks.

Left to Right: FaceOfAustralia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in
Angel Blush, Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Coy, Bloom Liquid Eye Shadow
in Neptune, and FaceOfAustralia Lip Quench SPF30+ in Malibu Barbie and
Lychee Crush each swiped 2 times

Even though I was a bit let down that this product doesn't exactly multitask as well as I would have liked it to, the way it performs on the cheeks has blown me away! No extra time needed to blend and lasts all day without being set with a powder, but if you would like to set this with a powder blush I would recommend Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable.

The Stats:
 - Great Multitasker! (eyes, face, lips)
 - Glides on and blends easily with brushes or fingertips on the cheeks
 - No need to set with a powder on the cheeks
 - Lasts all day on the cheeks
 - Tends to dry out lips when used as a lipcolor
 - Even with a good primer and a coordinated powder it creases when used on the eyes
 - Cream Formula
 - Coy (a peachy pink shade that leans warm) provides a natural flush perfect for any look
 - $24.00 AUD (approx. $23.45 US)
 - Unfortunetly, Bloom Cosmetics are not available in stores in the USA, however shipping is available from the Bloom Cosmetics online store

Have you tried the Bloom Sheer Colour Cream? Have any other favorite Cream Blushes?
Tell me in the comments!
*This product was gifted to me through a giveaway

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