Monday, April 9, 2012

Nail Review: Kiss Nail Dress

Once again, thanks to Influenster, I have had the wonderful opportunity to try out some great new products that I usually otherwise wouldn't have picked up for myself. However, after testing these super cute nail polish stickers, I can say I will definitely be picking up some more in the future!

Kiss Nail Dress in Cocktail
Now that I go to school for Cosmetology, I realize how chipped nails are a big no-no in the salon and when it comes down to it, I either go without polish or do a polish change every couple days when they start chipping. I think it's safe to say that I would rather have polished nails, but it is a real pain-in-the-touchie to have to change it so often.

So when I saw the claim on the packaging I decided to put it to the ultimate test: 2 weekends and five full days of vigorous note-taking, perm wrapping, updo's, and working with acrylics. Surprisingly by day 9 these nail stickers were still going strong and I have no doubt I could have even left them on even longer had I not gotten bored with them, but don't worry, if you are like me then you will be happy to hear that these come in 18 different prints to try so you never get bored! I also find that most of the prints are pretty detailed and that I got so many complements from people thinking that I had gotten my nails done at the salon!

Plus, They are super easy to apply and remove! I just simply found the appropriate sizes for each of my fingers, stuck them to my fingers, and filed off the excess. To remove, I just picked at the edge of my nails and peeled the stickers off. I also loved the application and removal so much more compared to normal polish since there is virtually no prep (just make sure your nails are free of old polish or oils and that your cuticles are pushed back) and no drying time which means I can just stick 'em on and go, which is exactly what I need since I am so impatient! I also really like the fact that they include larger polish strips to use for your toes too since I have never seen that done before with other popular polish strip brands. All in all this product is a major success if you ask me thanks to the amazingly easy application, long-wear time, and additional strips for your toes!

The Stats:
 - Easy To Use and Apply: Just select the appropriate sizes, stick on, and file off the excess
 - Can be used for both tips and toes
 - Includes 28 strips in 14 sizes to find your perfect fit! (plus a file to take the excess off)
 - Lasts up to 10 days!
 - Priced Just Right at $6.99
 - Come in 18 unique styles

Have you ever tried any nail stickers or nail polish strips?
Tell me what you think of them in the comments!
*I have received this product courtesy of Influenster


Gillian said...

These look gorgeous! :) xx

Beauty on a College budget said...

I was looking at these the other day, I deff think I'll pick up a few for myself!