Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interesting Link: Tanda Skincare

The way your skin looks is always a big rollercoaster whether you are like me and need help with acne removal or if you want to treat aging with a more advanced anti-aging light treatment. Throughout history, many women both young and old have struggled with these skincare problems and have gone great lengths to get their complexion pefected, but thanks to Tanda.com there is a new way to help with acne and signs of aging simply by using  acne light therapy as well as  anti-aging light therapy. But before Tanda was invented, women went through many great hardships and used various methods in an attempt to further technology until the Tanda light therapy units were invented.

The revolutionary Tanda system of both blue acne light treatments as well as red anti-aging light treatments covers most women's needs and takes a more serious approach to skincare than your normal acne or wrinkle treatment. Here's the breakdown:

The Tanda Clear+ combines blue light therapy, sonic vibrations, and gentle warming of the skin all in combination to reveal a more flawless complexion. The blue wavelengths used produce oxygen on the skin that attach to acne-causing bacteria causing them to self-destruct. In addition, the sonic vibrations increases microcirculation while the warming sensation opens pores to allow the light to more effectively penetrate.

The Tanda Luxe is used to deliver a photofacial experience to create a gorgeously soft and smooth glowing complexion thanks to the specific wavelengths of the red light to boost overall cellular energy which in turn increases your production of collagen and elastin to create smoother, more youthful complexion.

Although both acne light therapy and anti-aging light therapy are relatively new, Tanda has perfected the at-home use of these incredible devices and are so sure you will love it that they offer a risk-free money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied, but if you are, don't worry, all their products also come with a one-year warranty so if your device breaks after normal use, just send it back with proof of purchase and receive a new one free of charge! Thanks to Tanda skincare just became amazingly high-tech and now you too can use it in the comfort of your own home while still seeing professional results!

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