Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Recently I have been looking into my past posts and noticed some old, but great reviews that I thought still deserved a little more time in the limelight. Here are the top 5 popular posts!

Crown Brush Synthetic Flat
Bronzer Brush
A while back I went to the 2011 Premiere Beauty Classic and was introduced to a new company I had never heard of before: Crown Brush. I must have looked dumb-founded when I glanced at the price tags on the brushes. As little as $1.50 a brush?! Now I can afford that! But upon closer inspection, being the perfectionist I am, I found quite a few things wrong with some of the brushes, like the cut was not straight across or the handle had a nik in it, But after much searching I finally found a brush I liked with no niks or scratches on the ferrule and a perfect cut. Read More... 

Regis Designline Leave-In
Conditioning Styler
Despite this product's long name, it is actually a very simple product that can make an impact on your hair. In the summer (and even in the winter at times) my hair gets a little dryer than normal and this leave-in conditioner cures it! I will admit this is the first leave-in conditioner I have tried because I do not usually have too many problems with my hair drying out and at the roots my hair is oily so I never thought I needed one. I finally realized that even I need one last summer when I went on a trip to New York City and after just 2 days, the city was wreaking havoc on my hair making my normally tame, soft, silky textured hair turn into a dry, coarse, frizz-ball! Read More...

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Once upon a time, I was browsing Sephora's website to look at new products when I came across The Urban Decay Naked Palette. It had all of the eyeshadow colors a girl could need, from barely there naked to golden baked bronze and browns to the sultry and oh-so smokey black and grey. I had lusted after it and what do ya know, over half a year later, I've got my paws on it and I am not letting go anytime soon! Read More... 

Stila One Step Makeup
This product claims to be a 4 in 1 primer, foundation, concealer, and powder in one bottle so I must admit I had unusually high expectations for this foundation. This is a product that I have absolutely anticipated the release of, but after quite a few weeks of wear and comparison to other foundations, I only have mixed feelings about it. Read More...

Hard Candy Just Face It
As you all know, I am a serious sucker for anything that claims to multitask, especially this whole 4-in-1 deal thanks to the Stila One Step that I had a little love affair with a while back. However, the Stila One Step had a quite large price tag attached and has now been replaced with the Perfect & Correct formulation, so getting my hands on it can be a little challenging to say the least. So at last, I found myself walking through the isles of Wally-world (Walmart) looking for a dupe to my high end purchase, and, what do you know? I walked right past this foundation and then took a few steps back and heard angels singing, well at least I could have sworn they were! Read More...

Which are your favorites?
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nana said...

i wish the uk would sell hard candy, but i cant seem to find it.