Saturday, March 10, 2012

Makeup Review: Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss

As a girl on-the-go, I am always in need of a good go-to gloss that I can deliver pigments and shine while moisturizing and staying in place all day. Thanks to Essence, I have finally found one that fits the bill!

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in Candy Bar

Since I have to wake up oh so early in the morning and haul my tired tush to school, I literally NEED products that will go on quickly and easily and last all day. That also means I expect my lip products to stay on without bleeding while still feeling... well... pleasant.

In my experience, most long-wearing products tend to be sticky and feel heavy, so I was pleasantly surprised when this formula turned out to be everything but that... at first. When I first apply this to my lips, I'm in heaven! It feels soft, silky and plush and creamy on the lips. Unfortunately, this dies down after the first hour and half and becomes a bit tackier, but this is common of long-wearing products and I don't mind it as the formula still doesn't thicken as much as others.

This gloss also has a fairly unique applicator that I haven't exactly seen in many glosses. The applicator looks like a fuzzy hourglass, but despite how funny it looks, it actually really does apply the gloss quite well. The "well" of the hourglass is perfectly sized and hugs the lower lip while the rounded ball on the top prickly applies gloss to the upper lip. However, if you are a fan of the traditional doe-foot applicators, you may need some practice with this one and in many cases it can be a "hit or miss" kind of thing whether you like this unique applicator or not.

However, this pigmentation is never a "hit or miss". This gloss is so pigmented you would think it is a liquid lipstick!  All six colors in this line are super pigmented and are sure to stand out against any other gloss in your collection whether you practically have enough to last a lifetime or only a week, this belongs in your collection!

The Stats:
 - Very Inexpensive at just $2.29
 - Creamy, Plush Moisturizing Formula
 - Transforms into a tackier formula
 - Truly lasts 4 hours+ without reapplication
 - Lasts through light snacks and meals
 - Super Pigmented
 - Unique Hourglass Applicator
 - Available in 6 colors

What do you think of this gloss' unique applicator?
Love it or Hate it? Tell me in the Comments!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog! :) Blogging myself really is different from just being a passive blog follower! I've wanted to try these lipglosses for a while now, but somehow I always forget when I'm in the drugstore...
Have a great day!

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