Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Makeup Review: E.L.F. Studio Powder Blush

A couple of months ago I started to get a little obsessive about trying to grow my blush collection, just for purposes of variety and what I found is that just because a blush isn't $20, doesn't mean it doesn't deserve some props and among those I found this perfectly pink passion blush!

E.L.F. Powder Blush in Pink Passion

Having heard some pretty good things about E.L.F Studio products and personally testing out the E.L.F. Studio Contouring Duo, I figured that for $3.00 I couldn't really go wrong and I was proven exactly that when this blush came along!

Being a bit familiar with the knock-off NARS-type packaging, I was glad to see that there was a window included in the compact to make it easier to find the color I was looking for both in the store and in my collection if I happen to pick up more of these blushes. However, I could live without the mirror included seeing as it is a bit small for real use to put on my blush as I prefer a much larger mirror.

Don't mind the little dent I made trying to get the clear backing off!

When I finally got around to really opening up the product and just as I was about to dip my brush in the pan I noticed there was some slight discoloration from light shining into the window. So in the end I was a bit disappointed with that, but found that once I started using the blush more in that area the discolored layer came off to reveal the true color once again underneath.

What I also noticed once I dipped my brush into the blush is that it is super pigmented! Which is not something easily found in most drugstore products! I was excited about that, but since it is so pigmented, I found it best to apply with a stippling brush in circular motions. I also found the blush to be incredibly powdery in the pan, but once I blended it onto my skin I found it was just the opposite and actually doesn't look nearly as powdery as expected which really surpassed my expectation for a $3.00 drugstore product!

The Stats:
 - Available in 11 shades!
 - Only $3.00 each
 - Easily accessed at your local Target or Kmart as well as eyeslipsface.com
 - Handy Looking Window (great if you have many in different colors!)
 - Small Mirror
 - Intensely Pigmented
 - Smooth Formula

Have you tried any other E.L.F. or E.L.F. Studio products?
I would love to hear what you have to say about them in the Comments!

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