Monday, February 20, 2012

Makeup Review: Essence Lipliner in Cute Pink

This upcoming spring (which really needs to arrive faster) it is all about, bright, bold lip colors, but you wanna keep it in place all day without touchups? well this handy lipliner can help bring color and lasting power to any bold pink lips!

Essence Lipliner in 07 Cute Pink
While browsing around at Ulta looking at the Essence cosmetics selection I found this beauty tucked in with the eyeliners, just waiting for me to spot it. That I did I can promise you. The bright pink packaging definitely stood out to me and once I got this pretty pencil back home I was very pleased to see that the product color is just as bright as the packaging.

Once swatched or applied to lips, this firm semi-cream pencil glides on easily, evenly distributing pigment that stays around for as long as I need it to. Unfortunately, this lipliner isn't nearly as moisturizing as I would like to be so I always make sure to pair it with a lip balm underneath or a moisturizing gloss on top, both of which reduce the wear time of this pencil to just 3 hours. Although this lipliner is extremely great for just $0.99, I think I'll pass on them next time in favor of a more creamy, moisturizing formula.

The Stats:
 - Super Pigmented
 - Comes in 8 Shades!
 - Priced at Just $0.99
 - Easy to Use
 - Comes in the form of a sharpenable wood pencil
 - Draws super precise lines and fills in lips easily
 - Soft, Creamy Formula
 - Can be a bit drying

What's your favorite lipliner?
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organic foundation said...

I think everyone has a certain fascination with some colour or the other...but the lighter pinks are noire suited top the fairer and lighter skin tones where as the darker pinks are more popular with the other skin tone.