Sunday, February 5, 2012

Makeup Review: Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish

In my recent Ulta Haul I went crazy and bought tons of products from the Essence line and when I saw the price on each of these polishes, just 99 cents each, I just had to give them a chance and I'm definitely glad I did!

Left to Right: Essence Colour & Go nail polish in
I Want Candy and Walk Of Fame

I have been looking for a new pale pink polish since my random no-name polish in "french pink" has started to run desperately low and I have been dying to try out a new grey color since my Sephora by O.P.I Nail Polish in Metro Chic tends to have purple undertones (in these pictures Walk of Fame tends to look brown, but more so looks like true grey in person). With that said, I felt these two colors were great to experiment with and for 99 cents I couldn't go wrong even if some aspects of these polishes weren't so great.

However, that is certainly not the case with these polishes. Each of these polishes go on smoothly and dry quickly thanks to the time and consideration they put into the formula as well as the wide, flat brush (much like those of an O.P.I polish). Plus, each of these polishes are decently pigmented, only taking two coats each to sufficiently coat the nail.

Left to Right (2 coats each): Walk of Fame and I Want Candy

The only thing I have to complain about with these two polishes is the fact that they are so tiny. Each of these bottles are just a mere 0.16 fluid ounces compared to an O.P.I bottle at 0.5 fluid ounces each. Side-by-side  the O.P.I looks ginormous, but when you factor in the price of each of these tiny bottles of Essence nail polishes you can get eight bottles equal to 1.28 fluid ounces for the price of one O.P.I polish.

I also find it a bit odd that none of the Essence polishes have name tags on the bottoms or printed on the bottle like most other companies do. Instead their names are printed on the barcode tags slapped around the lids which for me is a bit annoying. My solution to this problem was to print out the names in a very small font using a label maker and sticking it to the bottom of the bottles so I could take off the annoying barcode sticker which isn't a big deal, but I like all of my nail polishes to look a certain way since I display them in my room.

When it comes down to it, each of these miniature bottles of nail polishes packs a lot of punch for teeny tiny price. These Essence Colour & Go Nail Polishes are great for building up a nail polish collection thanks to their great price, quality, and pigment.

The Stats:
 - Just $0.99 cents each!
 - Mini Size (0.16 fluid ounces)
 - Decent Pigment
 - Great Quality
 - Wide, Flat Brush

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