Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Favorites

It's already February and that means it's time for my favorites of the new year, here's my January favorites!


EOS Lip Sphere
Living in the North Eastern United States means that snow is a given during these harsh winter months and sometimes this weather is a little harmful to my lips, but thanks to this balm my lips are still as soft as ever. Sliding on this balm leaves my lips soft and supple with a light minty flavor and scent while moisturizing and protecting lips with various good-for-your-lips oils and without parabens.

LORAC Blush in Rendezvous
Getting through the end of the semester and mid-terms are hard enough when I stay up late studying, but looking like a zombie during my tests is even worse. Thankfully, this blush had me covered when I needed it most, giving my complexion a little pick-me-up with intense pigment and multi-dimensional shimmer that stays put until I'm ready to take it off. 

Urban Decay Travel Set of Five 24/7 Electric Eyeliner
With mid-term week comes the inevitable "I don't wanna get up so early" girl within me, but thanks to this set of five I can create a simple, but punchy look in no time! Whether I overslept or just laid too long in bed before finally dragging myself out I could depend on these liners to add color quickly (to make it look like I actually made an effort to do my makeup) without the need for multiple shadows or brushes.


Lately I have been really into trying to organize and store my growing makeup collection and think I just found out how exactly I would like to store it, but unfortunately I have to order what I need online due to a store not being near me and currently what I want is out of stock. When I finally order what I need and get everything organized I will probably do a picture tour of my makeup collection and storage since I know that I enjoy seeing how others store their collections and that others may want to see how I store mine. Until then I'm stuck with a very big mess that stresses me out just looking at it!


AtomicNony said...

I'm also loving the ESO lipbalms, they have done wonders for me this past month.

Sandra said...

the UD eyeliners look amazing. x