Thursday, January 12, 2012

Makeup Review: LORAC Blush

In my opinion, every girl needs a good, go-to pigmented blush that they can sweep on in seconds and not have to worry about disappearing, fading or traveling around the face. It's fair to say that I expect a lot from blushes, but especially when they retail for $20.00 each like this LORAC Blush in Rendevous.

This blush certainly didn't let me down! This blush has a lot to offer and any blush enthusiast would agree! I just recently started trying to grow my blush collection and thought that such a credible brand would be great to start out with when trying to get into high-end blushes.

This gorgeous, smooth, richly pigmented blush is definitely one of the best blushes I have tried so far. LORAC packed this blush with plenty of pigment to spare and a smooth formula so applying this blush is a breeze! Just tap a regular blush brush into the pan and bounce, tap or swirl onto the cheeks for an instant flush! Plus, the slight silver shimmer in it gives a  multidimensional effect to the cheeks without the shimmery disco-ball look that cheaper blushes tend to do. And this particular shade seems to mimic the same color as the infamous NARS Orgasm blush does. This may not be an exact match and the shimmer in it is silver instead of gold, but in my opinion it comes quite close as a possible dupe. Therefore, I think this would look great on just about any skin tone whether it is ivory or deep caramel colored this blush is sure to stand-out on anyone's cheeks.

The Stats:
 - Super Pigmented
 - Slight Shimmer (no disco-ball effect)
 - $20.00 For A Full Sized Blush (0.11 oz.)
 - Average Packaging (nothing as good at the baked shadows, but not half as bad as the regular eyeshadows)
 - Smooth, Non-Powdery Formula
 - Great color for all skin tones
 - Great Color Pay-Off
 - No Disappearing Acts or Fading

What's your favorite high-end blush?
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