Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NOTD: Sandy Nude-ity

Lately I have been in the mood for either very dark nail polish, or barely-there nudes and since I just couldn't choose this time, as always, I choose to go all nude with one accent nail of shimmery dark sparkles.

O.P.I Nail Laquer in Saman Sands with O.P.I Nail Laquer in Metallic 4 Life
I have been searching for a true beige nude for a while and I think I just fund it! Samoan Sands is a sandy nude color that goes with any outfit and as an added plus, makes your hands look longer and leaner. And because I am a glitter fanatic, I thought Metallic 4 Life was a necessity in this case to liven up the new-years ready look!

What polish do you have on your tips and toes?
Tell me in the comments!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ulta Goodies!

Long time, no see! As I am sure you are aware, the holidays are a very hectic time and I have not had the time to dedicate to my blog as often as I would like and thank everyone for sticking with me though this rough patch! 

To get back in the swing of things I figured I would share some goodies I received from Ulta. Recently, one of my sisters happened to be out and about shopping for gifts and ended up at an Ulta picking up a few things when she ran into an Ulta associate, Raquel, and got to talking about this blog you are reading right now! After my sister had mentioned my blog, Raquel said she happened to keep up on a lot of beauty blogs and offered to give my sister a few little goodies for me to try out. Therefore, I owe a ginormous thank you and a shout-out to Raquel from the Ulta (store number 239) at the Fair Lakes Center in Fairfax, Virginia! As well, I owe a thank you to my sister as well for packaging up these goodies and sending them to me! 

Alright, so you may be wondering.... so what did I get? I know, the anticipation is killing me too!

Dermatologica Be Bright! (Gift with Purchase Set)
Top Left to Right: Precleanse (1 fl oz), Special Cleansing
Gel (1.7 fl oz), Gentle Cream (0.3 fl oz) Exfoliant
Bottom: Daily Resurfer x2
juiceBEAUTY Green Apple Peel Sensitive (0.25 fl oz)
Tarte Smooth Operator Amozonian Clay Finishing Powder (0.07 oz.)
Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel (6 fl oz)
Once again, Thank you so very much to the Ulta at Fair Lakes Center for providing these great products to try out. 

A mini collective review will be coming soon, so check back in a week for that!

Have you picked up any goodies from Ulta lately?
Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

November Favorites

Oh how the months have flown by! Yet again it feel like just yesterday I was writing up a favorites post and here I am I writing this one!


Thanks to this forgiving, medium-coverage formula, my complexion has been looking the best it has for quite a while! Plus, the fact that it has moisturizer and primer swirled into helps me save time in the morning meaning those two extra minutes in bed don't have to be sacrificed in the name of beauty!

Lately I have found myself gravitating back to this go-to cream blush because it just goes with anything! No matter what I'm wearing or what eyeshadow I have on, this cream blush does the trick to give extra life to my cheeks and extra moisture to my skin!


Lately I have been needing that extra little moisture boost throughout the day due to the heating in my house and in stores, so a little spritz here and there over my makeup helps keep my skin hydrated and my makeup in place!

I have been loving Bath & Body Works candles! All of these candles smell amazing and I love the variety of candles from the minis to the large candles shown, there is a size, scent, and price for everyone! But I advise you, the largest candles are $20 each so I do recommend buying them when the 2 for $20 sales come around every so often and the minis (which are perfect to just try out a scent if you aren't sure if you like it or not, or as a small stocking stuffer) are just $3.50 each, but are even a better deal when they are 2 for $5, so keep your eyes peeled for these great deals!

Did you find any great beauty steals last month?

Tell me your holiday shopping game plan in the comments!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving & Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone is well and at home eating lots of turkey right about now, but if you are not, perhaps you are already out trying to beat the Black Friday crowds? I know I will be soon! So for those of you who will be out pounding the pavement with me at 2AM, here is some fun info on Black Friday!
    womenspersonalfinance net black friday infographic v2 Womens Black Friday Infographic

Aren't those statistics crazy? Personally though, I tend to feel like more women talk about Black Friday, but then again, I am a woman who happens to be obsessed with great deals!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hair Review: Goody Spin Pins

Being the kind of girl that doesn't like to spend a ton of time on her hair, I have discovered something amazing! Goody Spin Pins!

Honestly I have no idea how I ever did my hair up in a bun without these amazing pins! Before I had the chance to try out these pins, creating a ballerina bun or top knot in the morning took wayyyy too long for my liking. If I had wanted to wear a bun that day it was guaranteed that I had to wake up at least 25-30 minutes earlier which is not something I would be jumping for joy about. But thanks to these magical pins I am guaranteed to have a perfectly cute bun up on my head in less than 5 minutes!

The Old Way:
1.) Put my hair up into a high pony tail, which took 5 minutes in and of itself just to get it perfect
2.) Once the ponytail was just right and secure I would put a chignon doughnut onto the ponytail
3.) Splay the ponytail all over the chignon doughnut
4.) Put a pony over the hair splayed around the doughnut to keep the hair in place
5.) Wrap the excess hair around the bun and secure with bobbie pins

The New Way:
1.) Gather my hair up into a ponytail and hold it with one of my hands, not using a ponytail holder
2.) Start twisting my hair while still holding the hair into the "pony"
3.) Keep twisting until the hair starts to coil around itself
4.) Tuck the ends underneath
5.) Twist in one Spin Pin from the bottom of the bun and another from the top and whalah! I'm done!

Technically, there are still the same number of steps involved, but just holding my hair and twisting takes much less time than than actually putting it into a pony, sliding the doughnut onto the pony and splaying the hair around. I also like the fact that instead of having two hairbands and a zillion bobbie pins attempting to hold my hair in, there are just two simple spiral pins holding it all in place securely (well actually more securely than the hairbands and bobbie pins does!).

Thanks to these spin pins, doing a nice bun takes just a few short minutes and no longer requires a long process for virtually the same result. The Verdict: If you like to put your hair into a bun often, invest in these pins! They will save time and frustration without sacrificing looks.

The Stats:
 - Super easy to use! (Just spin em' in!)
 - Faster than other methods I have used for buns
 - Securely holds buns for everyone with thin hair to thick hair
 - Retails anywhere from $5.50-$7.29

How do you like to style your hair?
Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Beauty Blogger VoxBox!

Hello Ladies and Gents! Today I have in store an overview of some goodies I was sent in the mail from Influenster, so let's dive in and see the products shall we? I think so!

Influenster Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012 
Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin in Dark
Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit in 05
New York Color Individual Eyes Kit in Dark Shadows
Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair
Cream (1.5 fl. oz)
EBOOST Daily Health Booster (1 packet)
Bath & Body Works White Barn Nutmeg And Spice Mini Candle 1.3 oz.

Have you tried any of these products before?
Tell me what you think about them in the comments!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Favorites!

As you may have noticed, posts have started to become few and far between lately and I greatly apologize for that. October was one hectic month and I am afraid it is only going to get even more hectic in the coming months as well. Before jumping to any conclusions, yes I am still going to be blogging! Hopefully I can get to blogging a bit more regularly and structure my time more, but we are all human and sometimes just need a while to rest. So to start off the month of November on the right foot, let's get on to my monthly favorites!

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit in 05
I was just recently sent the Beauty Blogger VoxBox courtesy of Influenster and found these lovely lashes hiding out on the bottom of the box. Now being a novice false-lash applyer (is that a word?), meaning I have only worn false eyelashes once before, I wasn't sure how well me+these false lashes was going to turn out like and it definitely turned out in my favor! I won't go into too much detail as I have a review coming soon, but I can tell you that these lashes are seriously amazing! They add a great amount of length and fullness without looking crazy-dramatic.

Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation in Fair
As always, a review of my new favorite foundation will be coming soon! However, before then, I will dish out the basics: Great forgiving formula can create light to medium-full coverage, Primer and moisturizer mixed right into the foundation, and creates a natural finish that helps control oil and balance dry areas.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable
Lately I have found myself reaching for this blush in the morning for a quick natural flush worthy of any daytime look. This shade is pretty much my go-to quick blush for those times I just want to go for a natural look or to soften up a dramatic look.

Goody Simple Styles: Spin Pin in Dark
These little twirls of metal have become a lifesaver! I always want to be able to spice up my hair routine, but never have the time to in the hectic mornings, but thanks to these spin pins all I have to do is twist my hair around itself and spin these pins in and I am good to go!

How was your October?
Tell me some of your favorite products used last month in the comments!

Monday, October 22, 2012

EOTD: Perfectly Peachy!

Last time around in my EOTD: It's Raining Rainbows! tutorial I had used the blush from the E.L.F. Blushing and Contouring Duo as a peachy substitute for orange, and now I just can't get enough of the way it looks on my eyes! So here we have a super wearable every-day peachy eyeshadow look. Yes, I did say everyday... as in it looks super natural and not the least bit intimidating even on my fair skin! (Because I know many can be afraid of putting anything pink, coral, and red tones around the eyes for fear it will make the eyes appear bloodshot, which is definitely not the case here!)

Products used:
 - LORAC Eyeshadow in Negligee on the inner corner, inner half of lid, and browbone highlight
 - Blush from E.L.F. Blushing and Bronzing Contouring Duo
 - Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris
 - 2 coats of Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara
 - Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner in Almost Famous
 - Essence Eyebrow Designer in Light Brown

Wanna recreate this look? Just Sweep a satiny yellow toned highlight color onto your browbone, inner corners, and inner half of the lid. Then use the Blush from the E.L.F. Blushing and Bronzing Contouring duo starting from the outer corner and working it inwards onto the lid and in the crease while seamlessly blending it into the pale yellow highlight taking it in only 2/3 of the way at most. Then add some super black winged liner and two coats of mascara, plus a pale swipe of eyeliner on the lower waterline for added oomph!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Premier Beauty Classic

I just attended the 2012 Premier Beauty Classic this year and I have to say, it was just as fun as last year's was with even more booths and deeper discounts on professional beauty items! Here's what what the convention was like!

While I was there I just had to pick up a couple of beauty items, because I mean, who goes to a Beauty Convention without dropping a bit of cash on products, am I right?

Products Left to Right: Living Proof Frizz Straight Spray (for fine to medium hair),
O.P.I. Samoan Sands, Living Proof Frizz Curl Styling Cream (for medium to coarse),
Essie Ballet Slippers, O.P.I. Barefoot in Barcelona, Essie Mint Candy Apple,
John Paul Mitchell Teasing Brush, Crown Brush Pro Blending Crease,
Pointed Lip Brush, and Crescent Shadow
In addition to the stuff shown, I also bought two client capes and one stylist apron to use and wear at cosmetology school. Plus, I got an insane deal on them (3 for $20) when buying them in a normal Sally's would cost at least $10 each. Overall I feel like I got really great deals at the hair show, Essie polishes were only $4.00 each so basically a 2 for the price of one deal, $4.50 each for O.P.I. so I felt it was about time to splurge on some new polishes, especially because I have been wanting the two Essie polishes I picked out for quite a while now, but just never came around to buying them.

Have you hauled any goodies lately?
Tell me your new purchases in the comments!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Makeup Review: theBalm timeBalm Concealer

We all have those mornings when we wake up and look at ourselves in the mirror and think: "Oh my god! Did someone give me a black eye while I was sleeping, or are those just dark circles?" Or maybe that's just me, but with that said, sometimes everyone, ESPECIALLY those of us with major dark circles, can benefit from a good under-eye concealer.

theBalm timeBalm Concealer

Enter theBalm TimeBalm Concealer. There it was, like a god-sent in the mail and I finally got my perfectly manicured hands on it! I had been researching online and reading reviews of the many concealers out there claiming to be the best and happened to stumble upon this on Apothica.com so I decided, "Hey, why not start off my concealer journey with this? It has some pretty good reviews and is designed for under the eyes, it's a match made in heaven!" So off I went to the checkout with it in my virtual basket and proceeded to buy it. So far it has been one of my better decisions in life when it comes to beauty products!

Once I hacked open the packaging I was met with a tiny 7.5g clear plastic jar of creamy concealer in lighter than light. Before completely discarding the packaging though, I did notice that it actually recommends wearing this product during the day, night and at bedtime because of the wrinkle fighting ingredients.

theBalm timeBalm Concealer in Lighter Than Light on the Right

When I finally got around to applying this bad boy under my eyes I was met with naturally wide-awake flawless looking undereyes! Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! It completely conceales my hard-to-hide dark circles in just one layer and instantly makes my face look overall brighter. The only downside it that it does have a bit of a tendancy to crease, but the product can be easily blended out with the tap of a fingertip, so it isn't much of a problem.

The only weird thing about this product is that it feel a bit funny when I go to take off my makeup at night to just take off everything else but my undereye concealer, but with the very few teeny tiny wrinkles I have around my eyes, I feel like I can see and feel a difference in how deep they are and how moisturized my undereyes are, but if you are looking for a miracle product, this isn't it. Honestly this is hands-down THE BEST undereye concealer I have tried to date!

The Stats:
 - Super creamy, easy to blend formula
 - Fights wrinkles with vitamins A,C, and E as well as Soybean Oil, Panthenole,
 - Recommended for use 24/7 (Really!)
 - Comes in an array of 6 shades
 - Retails at $18.00 for 7.5 grams/0.26 OZ

What are your favorite concealers for dark circles?
Tell me in the comments!

Friday, October 12, 2012

September Favorites

September was a very long month for me, so I am a bit happy it is over because I know now that October is going to fly by since there are so many events coming up!


The past month was a long one, filled with me wanting to take naps all the time, but without the time to take them, so thankfully this concealer helped me look more wide awake than I was!

Essence Multi-Action Blackest Black Mascara
After getting some new Essence goodies in the mail last month I ended up completely hooked on this mascara, at least for the time-being (because we all know I pretty much love every mascara I try!). I feel like it does its job without flaking or clumping which is definitely a quality I look for in my favorite mascaras!

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
My Naked2 has been receiving some serious love lately! Almost everyday I have been switching between using Verve and Pistol together for a cool grey look or Suspect and Snakebite for a neutral everyday eye. Although I do think I should start using some of the other shadows in it, so if you have any good Naked2 color combos you love, make sure to recommend them below in the comments!

EOS Lip Sphere in Sweet Mint
I have been using lip balm like no other in the past month so it is safe to say my EOS Lip Sphere in Sweet Mint might just need to be replaced soon if I keep going through it like I have been!

I didn't have all too many favorites this month, but thanks to all the awsome products I picked up at the 2012 Premiere Beauty Classic, I most likely will have a bagillion new products to adore when October Favorites comes around!

What were some of your September favorites? 
Tell me in the comments!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back To Blogging!

Hello Lovlies! I am very sorry for my recent absence, this past week a family member had passed away suddenly and being with my family was very important during this time. Therefore I thank you very much for your continued support as I get back on track. In the upcoming weeks I hope to post a couple more reviews of some products I have been trying out, plus I will be attending the Premiere Beauty Classic Show again this year so look forward to some convention pictures and maybe a little haul!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Makeup Review: Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara

Lately I have been looking for a new mascara to try out and of course, Essence has come to my rescue with yet again another great mascara for the picking!

Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara

Personally, I believe I found another gem hidden amongst the essence offerings and this time around it is another great mascara! From looking at the generic brush, you wouldn't expect it to be anything special, but this mascara can prove that statement wrong in the flick of a wrist!

This mascara packs a fairly powerful punch thanks to these attributes:
  • Provides a small amount of added length, just enough to give a bit more umph and up its game.
  • Zero clumping, so there is no need for a lash comb! One extra step not needed!
  • Seperates lashes so there aren't any large clumps of lashes 
  • Volumizes 
  • Blackens fair lashes
Although this mascara doesn't thicken lashes or give me the false-lash effect, I appreciate that it does what it needs to without any issues. In other words, It does what I want it to do, (maybe not all things I do, but most of them) and does nothing I don't want it to do.

The Stats:
 - Provides super black color (read, those with very light colored eyelashes will love this!)
 - Formula isn't too wet, but not dry (leans more wet)
 - Separates lashes while easily coating them with color
 - Comes in Blackest Black or Waterproof
 - Retails for $3.99 at Ulta
 - Attractive, trendy matte black packaging

Have you tried out any new mascaras lately?
Tell me what you are trying out in the comments!