Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why I Decided To Become A Blogger

Hey everyone! I just recently took the time to look through some past posts of some of my favorite bloggers and found a post on Beth's blog, All Things Beautiful, answering this exact question. Hearing how she decided to be become a blogger inspired me share my story with all of you too!

Since I was in the fifth grade I started wearing makeup. Not like high-end foundation, mascara and eyeliner, but just cheap drugstore products my oldest sister had given me since I was always playing in her makeup. That combined with my tiny stash of Claire's lipgloss and eyeshadow palettes started off my love of makeup that launched me into the totally makeup obsessed girl that I am today. After experimenting a lot with my cheap palettes, clear mascara and glittery pink lipgloss, I began a search on google for makeup tips and tricks which lead me to the ever-popular Youtube. From there I discovered Michelle Phan, Elle and Blair Fowler, Tiffany D and so many other popular beauty gurus. After taking in all of their tips, tricks and information about products I went to work practicing my makeup, mastering the natural look and coving up those dreaded tween/teen breakouts all throughout the sixth and seventh grade. That's when I decided that makeup was a real passion of mine and was something that interested me, so I decided that day that my dream in life from there on is to become a professional makeup artist someday.

Well, by the time my freshman year of high school rolled around I realized that I may have something valuable to contribute to the Youtube beauty community, but was far too afraid to make videos. It took me quite a while, but by the end of my sophomore year I found an outlet, Blogging! It hit me square in the face, why hadn't I ever thought of it before? Then I quickly got to work creating the blog you read today and I must say.... I did alright! I thought I might have something valuable to say and all of you reading this is proof that it is true, I have something to say and all of you are here read it. Which I am very thankful for, because without you guys, I probably would have ended up deleting this blog and not being able to share my thoughts on a product or a simple trick I learned from my personal experience with makeup with all of you guys. Truth be told, this blog is a virtual home away from home! So all of you frequent readers, followers and most of all.... friends, are exactly why I am a blogger. I truly thank you all for encouraging me to continue my writing and making me who I am today.

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Beauty on a College budget said...

This is so cool I love posts like these! I might steal this from you and do a post like this on my own blog, i think that things like this are always fun!