Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Must-Haves of 2011

Hey everyone! I thought I would round-up this week with a fun post about my top 5 must-have products of the year. All of these products are hand-chosen by me (in no particular order) and are products that I actually use often and consider many of them my favorites. So lets get on to the amazing products, shall we?

This palette seems to be known as one of the biggest hits in the beauty community and everyone from the girl who barely wears much makeup to the girl who rocks a smokey eye 24/7 have fallen in love with this palette! It has one of the best neutral color palettes I have seen, containing everything from that "my eyelids, but better" shade to that shimmering sunset gold, to the deepest black that sparkles and shines on a night out. I believe that it is one of the most versatile palettes and ever since I laid eyes on it I just knew it would end up in a post like this!

New York Color cosmetics are one of my favorite drugstore beauty brands because they just seem to know how to combine insanely low prices with top-quality products worthy of a much higher price tag. This particular bronzer makes the list because of its smooth powder formula that is easy to blend while still giving me that naturally bronzed color that any paler pretty desires.

After discovering this shade in the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I just had to get my hands on this shadow single because it truly multitasks and can fit into almost every eye look. I find that it is great as an all-over shadow base, lid color, crease color, brow color, and can also just be added slightly above the crease to help blend your shadows up to the highlight without adding any shimmer. Needless to say, I love this eyeshadow!

After picking these up at Walmart in a haul forever ago, I have been in love with them and finally stopped wasting my money buying makeup wipes that don't work or just don't hold up while trying to scrub my makeup off. Plus, the cucumber scent is refreshing and makes me feel as if I am at an expensive spa getting a facial, cucumber slices on the eyes included.

Finding this by chance at a trade show at the Crown Brush booth saved me from mornings spent getting up early to perfect my foundation. Thanks to this brush my foundation looks perfectly airbrushed in no time, so no more dabbing and blending with fingers or a regular foundation brush and then blending even more for another 5 minutes until I felt it was finally blended enough, just buff with this brush and I am done!

What are your top 5 must-haves of 2011?


Britt said...

The NAKED palette has been used every day since I bought it a few weeks after it was released! Love it!
Also love the SYT Cucumber towelettes. Perfect for a lazy night when I don't want to wash my face.

DaphYin said...

Bronzer and bronzer again lol I love using this too so I whole heartedly agree with your list! Happy new year!