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Makeup Review: Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

One of Urban Decay's latest palette launches, the Book of Shadows IV, certainly exhibits the best of both worlds for the classically chic and the whimsical wild sides of every girl's personality.

Upon opening up the top lid of this palette you are greeted with a flurry of butterflies, a peek at the speaker in the drawer below, a Get The Look QR code card, a cell phone holder to follow along and a mirror image of yourself looking back. It's a lot to take in at once and dare I even say it, breath-taking!

But being honest here, opening the pull drawer underneath is even more of a sight to see! The drawer completely pulls out to reveal all of its expertly coordinated products floating within a textured purple abyss.

First Row left to right: Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra and Baked
Second Row Left to Right: Bender, Gravity, Lost and Hijack
Third Row Left to Right: Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight
Rodeo and Crystal
Fourth Row Left to Right: Bust, Missionary, Skimp and
Each and every product contained are in perfect harmony with each other to create various looks, leaving this palette one of the most versatile Urban Decay has released. You truly can have it all with this palette, from a wild purple cat eye to an everyday, easy neutral eye. Plus, the How-To Videos can give you some direction if you are one of those of you who are not quite sure what to do with all these possibilities! Then let your creativity shine!

Starting off with the shadows, I like to classify Urban Decay shadows into four separate categories of finishes known as matte, satin, shimmer and sparkle.

 - Matte: No shimmer or glitter, just plain color
 - Satin: sort of a "shiny" finish without noticeable specks of shimmer or glitter
 - Shimmer: Small, but noticeable flecks of glitter
 - Sparkle: Large, very obvious and noticeable flecks of glitter

First row left to right: Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra and Baked
Second Row Left to Right: Bender, Gravity, Lost and Hijack

First row left to right: Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra and Baked

 - Blue Bus is a medium-sheer, satin, periwinkle blue color great for use on the lid.
 - Gunmetal is an opaque, cool toned grey with silver sparkle shadow (read: large chunks of glitter in it which tend to make the eyeshadow rougher-feeling than it should be) that is great for smoky eyes and can be used in the crease and outer-corner to deepen a color. 
 - Cobra is a medium opacity, warm, blackened green with gold sparkles that would be great for a green smokey eye or for use in the crease and outer corner.

 - Baked is a medium-opacity, shimmery golden color which is great as a lid color or as a highlight/inner-corner color for smokey brown looks.

Second Row Left to Right: Bender, Gravity, Lost and Hijack

 - Bender is an opaque, moss green with silver sparkles, perfect as a lid color for fun, colorful looks or for a colored smokey eye when paired with Cobra.
 - Gravity is a medium opacity pinked-purple with silver sparkles that would be great to be used in a whimsical, purple cat eye.
 - Lost is an opaque shimmery bronzed brown shade that looks great as a crease and outer corner color.
 - Hijack is a medium-opaque blue-teal with blue sparkles which can be used as a great accent color in a colorful eye look.

Third Row Left to Right: Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight
Rodeo and Crystal
Fourth Row Left to Right: Bust, Missionary, Skimp andZephyr

Third Row Left to Right: Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight
Rodeo and Crystal

 - Midnight Cowgirl is a sheer-medium champagne-yellow with gold sparkles that is good as a lid color, highlight color or inner-corner color.
 - Sin is a sheer-medium satin, pinky champagne in color and is great as well for highlighting, inner-corner, and as an all-over lid color. (try this shadow overtop of the sin eyeshadow primer potion to make it really stand out)
 - Midnight Rodeo is an opaque, pink-taupe with silver sparkles that is especially good as a lid color.
 - Crystal is a sheer, pale blue with blue shimmer that looks great paired with Hijack.

Fourth Row Left to Right: Bust, Missionary, Skimp and Zephyr

 - Bust is a medium opacity, satin taupey-brown that is just right for use in the crease and outer corner of a neutral eye look.
 - Missionary is a medium-sheer pink taupe satin that provides the perfect finish when used across the lid and as a highlight to smokier looks.
 - Skimp is a medium-sheer satin peach color that is great for all-over the lid.
 - Zephyr is a sheer off-white satin that is perfect for highlighting the browbone and inner-corner.

Regardless of color and texture, all of these shadows pack a great punch and can easily get you from day-to-night in the blink of an eye! Plus, the extras included in the palette pack a special punch of their own!

Left to Right: 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Perversion,
Supercurl Curling Mascara and Original Eyeshadow Primer

Included in the palette is a full-sized 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion so you can rock a fade-proof, smudge-proof cat eye anytime. I love that you can easily create a thin line or a dramatic thick line with just a flick of the brush and the line stays all day until you want to take it off at night. However, if you have longer eyelashes, beware that it is easy for the plastic part holding the brush to bump into your lashes and coat them with the liner making your lashes clump when applying mascara.

Also included is a mini Supercurl Curling Mascara with a bent wand that easily coats even the hardest-to-reach lashes with this *super* curling mascara. I can not say enough good things about this mascara, it coats every lash while separating and curling so there is no need for an eyelash curler or a lash comb.

Plus, a mini Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is included in the palette as well, which I was super excited to see as I love Primer Potion and was running out of it when I received this palette just in the nik of time.

And just when you think the extras stop, Urban Decay just keeps it coming with an adorable mini speaker with two varieties of connector cords to hook up to your smart phone, iPod or other device with an AUX outlet or USB port.

Overall you couldn't ask for anything more in a palette! Both neutrals and crazy colors plus a full-sized liquid eyeliner, mini mascara, mini primer potion and a portable speaker all wrapped up into one palette that is perfect to keep for yourself or for gift-giving this holiday season.

The Stats:
 - Great range of colors
 - Eyeshadows glide on smoothly
 - Fall-out varies by shadow color and texture (darker/sparkle shadows)
 - 16-0.03 US oz.eyeshadows
 - A full-sized Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
 - One mini 0.18 US fl. oz. Supercurl Curling Mascara
 - One mini 0.13 fl. oz. Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
 - One speaker with 2 connector cords (USB to AUX and AUX to AUX)
 - A Get The Look QR code card
 - Great Value at $64.00 for all of it!
 - More Product Pictures and Swatches

What do you think of the variety of shadows in this palette?
Love it or hate it?
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