Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Makeup Review: NYC/New York Color Liquid Lipshine

Hello fellow gloss lovers! Just recently I received a New York Color Liquid Lipshine (courtesy of Influenster, featured in the 2011 Holiday VoxBox) and I can honestly say, it has been love at first gloss, but if you have been reading my blog for a while you probably already know my favorite drugstore brand is NYC cosmetics, so it should be no surprise that I am extremely excited to review this product! (NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Bronzing Powder Review and NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation Review)

New York Color Liquid Lipshine in
Nude York City 582

Upon opening up this sleek tube of gloss the light scent of vanilla wafted up to my nose, but it was not as strong, overpowering, or synthetic as most lower-end glosses tend to be (I am talking to you, Wet n' Wild Mega Slicks Lipgloss). Which is a great plus for girlies with sensitive noses, the scent ends with the tube and once it is applied you can no-longer smell it.

Scents aside, I realized that the applicator on this gloss is quite different than any of the others I have encountered. It isn't a brush, paddle, or doe-foot, but seems more like a mixture of a paddle shape and the texture of a typical doe-foot. However, the applicator does seem to have a slight groove in it to help enhance the ease of application, which I do very much appreciate. Although, I must admit that it took me a while to really practice how exactly to use the applicator without looking completely awkward apply gloss to my upper-lip.

On the bright side, I find that the slick and smooth medium thickness of the gloss is definetly worth the fight. NYC seem to have this formula down to a perfect science, high shine with fine shimmer and a slick feel with just the right amount of stickyness to keep the gloss attatched to my lippies for a full 4 hours without eating or drinking! A major feat for any gloss seems ordinary for this one. Plus, this silky lipshine won't break the bank at just around $2.50 each you can buy all 10 shades for $25.00! Now that is certainly a deal compared to just 2 M.A.C Lipglasses at $14.00 each for a total of $28.00. You decide, 10 high-quality lipshines worthy of an expensive price tag or just 2 high-end lipglasses with the expensive price tag?

The Stats:
 - Light vanilla scent
 - No flavor
 - 0.24 fluid ounces
 - Nude York City (582) is a sheer pinky nude with silver shimmer (Check-out http://www.newyorkcolor.com for more color options!)
 - Unique fuzzy paddle applicator
 - Formula is smooth with a medium thickness
 - High shine gloss
 - Perfect slight stickyness while still feeling slick
 - Lasts up to 4 hours without eating or drinking
 - Retail for about $2.50 each

Have you tried New York Color cosmetics yet?
Tell me what you think of their products in the Comments!
*I received this product courtesy of Influenster, featured in the 2011 Holiday VoxBox.

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