Thursday, December 8, 2011

Makeup Review: LORAC Eyeshadow Singles

Even though I love my Urban Decay shadows, I still feel the need to branch out a little bit and try some new brands when the perfect opportunity popped up on Hautelook. A little while ago, Hautelook got in a great variety of LORAC products at a price that made me feel as if I was practically stealing! These lovely shadows (among a few other things) made their way into my cart and through the checkout in no time!

LORAC Eye shadows Left to Right in Black, Negligee and Boudoir

I have to admit, I was kind of expecting these shadows to not be so great. Each of these shadows at retail price are about $19.00, but when I received them in my package from Hautelook I was very disappointed in their individual packaging. It isn't that the packaging is bad, but it felt a little cheap for $19.00 each. The shiny black plastic containers are not the sturdiest by any means and the screw-top tends to not screw on completely right ever since I took them off the first time. So with this in mind, I braced myself for some not-so-great eyeshadows (and felt thankful I didn't pay retail price for them).

Left to right: Black, Negligee and Boudoir

But happily they turned out just as great as my little jaunt before with LORAC eyeshadows (in the past I received a deluxe sample of their eyeshadow in Serenity as a Sephora Beauty Insider 100-point perk and ever since have been wanting to try more). With a gentle stroke of my EcoTools Bamboo Eyeshadow Brush, I loaded it up with Boudoir and swiped it across my lid.It may not have been love at first sight with the packaging issues, but it was certainly love at first application. Each of the shadow colors apply the same way even though Boudoir and Neglegee are frosts while Black is a matte. They all feel super soft and velvety, not at all chalky or gritty. They almost seemed to glide right on! Plus, they are all extremely pigmented and super blendable!

Left to right: Neglige, Boudoir and Black

I really couldn't be any happier with these shadows, however, I could stand it if LORAC would consider redoing their packaging and making it a little more sturdy (*hint, hint LORAC!*).

The Stats:
 - Very Blendable
 - Super Pigmented
 - Smooth, Velvety Texture
 - Cheap Packaging
 - Retails at $19.00 each

Have you tried LORAC eyeshadows?
Tell me what you think of them in the Comments!

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