Monday, December 5, 2011

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Planning on making your New Years resolution to be more green? Well how about starting a little early and having a green christmas too! Here is a great website to help you find those perfect gifts for your loved ones, all made out of fair-trade, renewable products and materials and are of coarse, eco-friendly.

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This Christmas, make a difference in the world by going green and Ethical Ocean is dedicated to just that! At Ethical Ocean, they realize that our purchasing decisions affect our planet and society as a whole. They help provide us with the knowledge of how we spend money on products that impact other people and the environment in positive ways.

Ethical Ocean is dedicated to selling consumers ethical products that make a huge difference in the world when you purchase products featured on the site. Now ethical may mean something different to every person, so Ethical Ocean has created seven different categories of ethical products, eco-friendly, fair trade, organic, animal-friendly, vegan, people friendly and social change. Plus, to ensure that all of the products are ethical, they require their sellers to explain the ethics behind their products and why they help make a difference before they are listed.  In addition to all this, they also require sellers to qualify in one of three categories: Good for People, Good For Animals, and Good For The Environment, so every seller on this site is more than qualified as an ethical product producer.

No matter what great products you pick out, you are sure to have a great, green christmas with all the gifts featured on this eco-friendly website!

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