Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Favorites

Hey everyone! Yes, it is already November first! Can you believe it? I feel like October was such a great month and super hectic as well thanks to acting at a haunted house, homecoming, my birthday, the 2011 Premiere Beauty Classic, and Halloween of coarse! Here are a few of my Spook-tacular favorites from the month of October!


This is not exactly a product, but I have been using it a ton lately! My EcoTools blush brush is pretty much just a standard blush brush that you can find anywhere in almost every company's brush line-up, but these super soft taklon fibers kept me coming back for more this month! (Here's a tip! Instead of sweeping your blush on, try just tapping your cheek with a loaded brush to get a supernatural flush that never looks painted on.

I have been really liking my Voluminous Million Lashes mascara lately, I must admit, it has been getting a lot of love this past October. I think that because of it being so cold recently and putting on the heat, the formula has dried out a bit to the point that it is much easier for me to work with.


I have been loving my SilkySexyHair Frizz Eliminator Lite this month. It has been definitely helping me tame the frizzies and flyaways throughout this awkward period of not quite fall anymore, but not quite winter whether lately. Thanks to the super cold, humid outside world and the too stale school air, my hair is going through a period of confusion and thanks to this, I still look like I am in control of my hair and my sanity!


Pretty much anything having to do with a bruise wheel, grease paint, fake blood and costuming, plus a little creepy dialogue thrown in for fun. If you don't know yet, I am a volunteer actor for a local charity haunted house. I had so much fun through the month of October, just letting loose and acting on the weekends, trust me if you have ever acted before, you know it is a really good stress reliever to just be able to make up a character and play around with their personality and be someone else for even just a little while.

Hope you all had a great Halloween and month of October!

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