Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Makeup Tools Review: Crown Brush Synthetic Flat Bronzer Brush

A while back I went to the 2011 Premiere Beauty Classic and was introduced to a new company I had never heard of before: Crown Brush. I must have looked dumb-founded when I glanced at the price tags on the brushes. As little as $1.50 a brush?! Now I can afford that! But upon closer inspection, being the perfectionist I am, I found quite a few things wrong with some of the brushes, like the cut was not straight across or the handle had a nik in it, But after much searching I finally found a brush I liked with no niks or scratches on the ferrule and a perfect cut.

Since Sigma introduced their Sigmax line of synthetic kabuki brushes made for multitasking I have been very curious to see what all the hype was about. Just one problem: They are not easily accessible. Sigma is only sold online (and at some trade shows such as IMATS)and sometimes it just seems like huge hassle to order things online considering added shipping costs and the dreaded wait for the package. With that said, I tend to like to buy things in person and since I was at the show and was just pursuing around when I bumped into the Crown Brush booth I decided, "hey, this looks very similar to the Sigma brushes, why not give it a try when I have it sitting right in front of me?" and with that a went for the first one I saw, but found that the cut across the top was definitely not the cleanest cut I have ever seen. After putting the first one back and digging through the entire box of these brushes I found the one with a perfect cut and shape with no niks or scratches on the handle or ferrule. *insert angels singing here* 

As soon as I paid for my brush and left the booth, I tore open the plastic packaging it was in and felt possibly some of the softest bristles I have ever felt on a brush, I was in heaven for sure. Besides the super soft bristles, the brush is also super, uber dense and I determined it would be a great match for my foundations and powders. 

Once I got it home and put some foundation on the back of my hand, dipped the brush into it and brought the brush to my face with circle buffing motions, I was in love. The feel of it is heavenly on the skin and produces a flawless, perfectly airbrushed finish with no streaks or tell-tale foundation lines. It truly takes the work out of applying foundation and even makes applying foundation faster! The first time I used this brush it just took me literally less than half the time it normally takes me with my Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush! To say the least, I was impressed with it. As an added plus, I also noticed how little product was wasted and ended using much less foundation than I normally would with any other brush. 

Now that I know I love this style of brush, I just think I might, one day just maybe, go through with buying the Sigma Sigmax Flat top Synthetic Kabuki brush. But for right now, I am perfectly content with this handy brush.

The Stats:
 - Super soft synthetic bristles
 - Not easily accessible (only sold at trade shows and online)
 - Perfect for applying liquid foundation, bronzer, blush and other powders
 - Easy to clean and doesn't suck up product
 - Shorter Handle
 - Super dense
 - Sold around $15.00 at trade shows
 - Be careful buying these brushes online because many of them do not have a perfect shape or cut

Have you ever heard of Crown Brush?
Do you own any Crown Brushes?
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Anonymous said...

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I searched for one on facebook or twitter but could not discover one, I'd really like to become a fan!

Rachel said...

I've heard that Crown Brush is actually the supplier to places like MAC and Sigma.


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