Friday, November 4, 2011

Convention Haul!

Hey everyone! Guess what I have in store? Yep, you guessed it! Loads of new products (and samples!) from the 2011 Premiere Beauty Classic that I just can't wait to try out! Without further a due, here is some of my haulage from the show!

Overview of the haul including: BigSexyHair Spray and Play Harder
hairspray,HealthySexyHair Soy Touchable hairspray,
 StraightSexyHair Smooth and Seal anti-frizz and shine spray,
and BigSexyHair Root Pump Plus sprayable mousse.
*I went a lil product happy at the Sexy Hair booth*

From Crown Brush I decided to get the Synthetic
Flat Bronzer Brush to apply liquid foundation
since it is so uber dense.

O.P.I Pink Shatter and O.P.I Top Coat, which
I originally thought I picked up the base coat,

At the O.P.I booth they asked me if I would like a few
samples and they said to just open by bag and they
would put a few in there for me, well they definitely
put a lot more than the two or three packets I was

While perusing the gigantic Paul Mitchell booth, I happened
to walk by at just the right moment for an associate to hand me
this huge sample tube of Moisturizing Lather Shampoo from
the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi line.

Besides the predictable popular booths (O.P.I,
Crown Brush, Redken, and Paul Mitchell) Amika
seemed to be a real hit at the show. I barely got
 my hands on these samples since as soon as
they set the sample bags out, they were gone
before you could say, "FREE SAMPLES!".
Plus, Argan and Morracan Oil Treatments
seemed to be a big hit as well so I made sure
to score a sample of it to test out.

Believe it or not, that is actually all I got from the trade show, I was expecting to get quite a bit more than what I did and was pretty surprised to walk out with some money still in my wallet! But that just means it will eventually be used on some other beauty-related products as always.

Have you hauled any products lately?
If you have, make sure to comment below and tell me what you hauled!

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