Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Favorites

Whao! Another month has flown past and I must say, I'm looking forward to October, one of my favorite months of the year because not only is my birthday this month, but also Halloween (a.k.a my favorite holiday ever!). However, with every start of the month, there are always a few products that stood out above all the rest the past month, so lets see what a few of them were!

This month I went back to using one of my all time favorite foundations, the Stila One Step, to look put together for school in just about a minute or less. I have to admit that I am pretty lazy when I wake up in the morning to get ready for school and I'm guilty of hitting the snooze once or twice, so having an easy-to-apply all-in-one foundation like this is a necessary  product in my beauty arsenal at all times.

I have recently been going back to using my all-time favorite Covergirl Classics Blush in 540 Rose Silk for an everyday glowy cheek that goes with anything I wear on my body or my lids. I feel like I haven't worn this blush in forever, but for some reason I started to pick it up almost every time I needed a quick flush last month.

Bath & Body

I have been absolutely loving the C. Booth Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser. This rough and tough scrub helps exfoliate my entire body with natural ingredients without being too harsh, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for my dry elbows!


I was loving dark, toned-down fall-inspired nail polish colors like this Sephora by O.P.I Metro Chic nail polish all last month. I love these dark, but super easy to wear colors because they will literally go with everything in my closet , but still look like I made an effort to coordinate every piece of my outfit together.

So, What were some of your favorites last month?
Tell me in the Comments!


KTisaQT said...

Love the polish with shatter!!

Beauty on a College budget said...

What a pretty color for blush, hopefully I can find one. I need to add that to my slowly growing blush collection!