Friday, October 28, 2011

The 2011 Premiere Beauty Classic

Hey everyone! Guess where I went Monday? (Hint: it's in the title! ^) That's right, to the 2011 Premiere Beauty Classic held in Columbus, Ohio. I had an awesome time checking out  all the new products and techniques based around hair and beauty. Here are a few pictures from inside! (Please excuse the blurriness, there were loads of people walking around and it was hard to stand still for even just a moment to get a quick picture!)

Some of the booths at the show included: Paul Mitchell, Amika, O.P.I, Sexy Hair, Redken, Bonika Shears, Cinderella Hair, Crown Brush and loads more!

Later, I went to a class presented on center stage by Sexy Hair all about the Sexy Hair products, techniques, methods and latest styles for fall/winter 2011. 

The first picture is when the class started when four or five stylists walked out on stage and immediately started cutting, styling and working their model's hair.
Yes, those are the lucky people sitting in front of me!

This second picture is when the first round of models were completed in about 10 to 15 minutes and the two stylists in the middle went to work cutting another model's hair the same way while explaining how they were able to switch with each other and work on each other's models and continue cutting where the other had left off.

One of the stylists explaining the basics of what to do and not to
do when creating an updo.

I had such a great time at this convention and couldn't have thought of a better place to be as a cosmetology student. I can honestly say I learned a ton from the Sexy Hair class I took, but just as well as being by the booths because there were so many live demonstrations to see. Every where I looked I saw people explaining how to use this or that product, helping others learn a new cutting or coloring technique and even how to use and apply extensions. It was amazing to have this opportunity to learn from professionals from almost every major brand and company within the hair and beauty industry. I highly recommend that students and licensed cosmetologists check-out this convention next year if you haven't already this year, you definitely will not regret it!

Plus, I got some seriously great deals on products at the show, so I will have a Convention Haul post coming up soon, you won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hair Product Review: SilkySexyHair Frizz Eliminator Lite

Lately, I have been really getting into hair products and taking good care of my hair and scalp since I started Cosmetology schooling and realized that I should be paying much more attention to what's on top of my head. After a trip to quite a few hair and beauty stores and a few drugstores, I found this magical mini!

SilkySexyHair Frizz Eliminator Lite 0.85 us fl.oz 

This is the first time that I had ever used a product made specifically for frizz elimination since I don't usually have an issue with frizz, but with seasons changing, the humidity has been reeking havoc on my normally smooth lion's mane. Thanks to this issue, I am so glad that I decided to pick up this teeny tiny bottle because it gives me great results without having to shell-out loads of cash for a high-end alternative.

After a shower I rub a penny-sized amount of this clear liquid between my hands and use my hands to run the product through my damp hair. I never initially see a difference since my hair is wet, but when I wake up to dry hair in the morning I see a dramatic hair transformation! My hair looks smoother, shinier and feels even silkier and softer than ever before. Plus, the results stick around until my next shampoo without making my hair appear greasy or weighed down (which is a huge plus for me). However, I do tend to notice the scent it leaves behind on my hair which isn't bad, just a general soap and water shampoo scent that I don't mind, yet can annoy me every once in a while when I catch a whiff of it. However, I feel like that can be over-looked in return for the great results I get with this product.

Since I only have to use so little to get long-lasting results, this mini 0.85 fluid ounce bottle will last me quite a while and when I run out, you bet I will be buying the full-sized version of this!

The Stats:
 - Doesn't weigh-down the hair
 - Smooths fly-aways and frizz
 - Leaves the hair silky and soft
 - Gives a realistic shine to lack-luster hair
 - Does not result in a greasy look and feel
 - Easy to apply and comb through hair, damp or dry
 - $15.00- $20.00 for 4.2 fluid ounces

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Battle Of The Brands: High-End Or Low-End

Which do you prefer: High-end cosmetics or low-end cosmetics? Within any makeup collection there is a mixture of the two, but everyone leans a little bit more towards their higher-end cosmetics or their lower-end cosmetics day-to-day. I, myself, tend to lean towards my lower-end makeup day-to-day due to affordability and great value for your money. However, I do look for quality in my low-end products, therefore, for certain products like eye shadows, I tend to lean towards high-end because wear time, ability to blend and amount of pigment tends to be much better than those found in drugstore products.

So which do you prefer?

What do you reach for most often?
Your NARS, Dior, and MAC or your NYX, RIMMEL, and E.L.F?

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Sigma Sigmax Synthetic Collection

Hey Everyone! You all know I just adore my Sigma Brushes, so I just thought I should take the time to tell you all about one of Sigma Beauty's newest brush lines, Sigmax Synthetic Brushes.

A while back, Sigma introduced their Sigmax line of brushes made out of synthetic fibers to apply liquid, powder and cream face products without absorption into the bristles. With their secret synthetic HD filament, they created 3 kabuki style face brushes, the F80 - Flat Kabuki, F82 - Round Kabuki, and the F84 Angled Kabuki, as well as two styles of retractable kabukies from their Hollywood Glamour Collection. Now, Sigma is back with more fantastic brushes that includes both new and improved brushes.

Face Brushes ($16.00 each): These brushes are perfect for all of your blending and buffing needs, from applying liquid foundation to contouring and highlighting, this set of brushes will never let you down!

(Relaunch) F80 - Flat Kabuki - Great all-around multitasker with short, dense bristles that make buffing liquid foundation and powders a breeze.

(Relaunch) F82 - Round Kabuki - Perfect for getting into the contours of the face, such as around the nose and mouth area, delivering flawless coverage every time.

(Relaunch) F84 Angled Kabuki -  Thanks to the angled fibers, applying blushes and contouring powders, creams and liquids are easier than ever.

(NEW!)  F86 - Tapered Kabuki - This new silhouette allows highlighting and contouring to be done in a snap.

Precision Brushes ($14.00 each): These brushes are really the main focus of Sigma's Sigmax launch since they are great multitasking brushes that can be used for anything from concealing under-eye circles, highlighting cheekbones, and even applying eyeshadow!

(NEW!) P80 - Precision Flat - This teeny-tiny buffing brush is ideal for buffing concealer and liquid foundation in hard to reach places.

(NEW!) P82 - Precision Round - Blending concealers and foundation around the nose and under-eye area is easily done with this rounded tip.

(NEW!) P84 - Precision Angled - Perfection is achieved when you use this brush to precisely contour, sculpt and blend with this angled brush.

(NEW!) P86 - Precision Tapered - To top off your look, use this brush to apply powders and highlighter to your under-eyes and cheekbones for a flawlessly fabulous look.

Can't decide which brushes to get? If you love flawless foundation and blending abilities, try out the Synthetic Kabuki Kit which includes all four face brushes for $56.00 which would normally cost you $64.00 if you buy each brush separately. But if details matter most, try out the Synthetic Precision Kit with all four precision brushes for $49.00. If you are just like me and want all of them, I suggest you grab the Synthetic Essential Kit which includes all eight brushes for just $99.00 which is basically getting every brush for a little over $12.00 each! Either way, Sigma has created some great brushes worthy of your attention, I know they already have mine!

What do you think of these new and improved brushes?
Do you plan on picking any of them up?
Tell me in the Comments!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Makeup Review: NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation

If anyone knows anything about me, it is that I am constantly on a never-ending quest for the best new foundation or concealer. Well on this quest, I have encountered a serious contender for my number one foundation in my current beauty product assortment, the NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation.

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation in Ivory

I can honestly say that I was not expecting much of this foundation considering it was just under $3.00, even though my beloved NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Bronzing Powder in Sunny is one of my best drugstore finds, I was still a little doubtful of this very low priced foundation. While checking out of my local drugstore, I was still a little hesitant, but came to the conclusion that it is only $3.00, so if it let me down then I could throw it away without any guilt of knowing I spent a lot of money for it and just move onto the next one. But when applied this foundation the next morning with my Sigma F50 Duo Fiber Brush, I was amazed that this handy little bottle was just a diamond in the rough.

It just seemed to effortlessly glide onto my skin and give me the perfect semi-matte finish with medium coverage that didn't dull the complexion, but didn't make me look super oily. It felt like someone had just created a custom formulation of foundation just for my skin that didn't cling to my dry patches and didn't over-exaggerate oily areas!  However, as the day went on, it didn't control my oil, so using a mattifying primer under the foundation is more ideal, but never-the-less, this foundation stood up to much more than I was expecting it to!

I was also insanely surprised that this foundation even came in a light enough color for me to try out since most drugstore foundation brands mostly cater to women with medium skintones than very light or very dark skintones like myself. With that said, there are not actually too many shades to choose from, so only those who are very fair to medium skintones may be able to wear this foundation in relation to color.

Overall, I feel like the whole NYC brand is just really stepping it up and creating some super great products at great, low price points and if you have very fair to medium skin, definitely give this foundation a try!

The Stats:
 - $3.00 Price Tag
 - Comes in very fair/light shades with a few more suitable for medium skintones
 - Semi-matte finish
 - Medium Coverage
 - Natural Looking
 - Easy To Apply
 - Doesn't cling to dry patches or exaggerate oilyness, but does not control oil

Have you tried out this brand yet?
Have you tried this foundation?
Tell me what you think in the Comments!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get To Know My Beauty Ritual

Hey everyone! I have been on a roll lately with a ton of tag posts, but I promise this will be the last one for a lil while! Here is a peek inside my daily routine and favorite methods and opinions on makeup.

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge or your fingers?
   - For the longest time I used a flat foundation brush, then became dedicated to cometic sponges for at least a year and now my current obsession, the Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush.

2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark, or dark to light?
   - I like to apply it from light to dark so I never have to worry about using fifty brushes for just one eye look, I just find it is easier for me to blend and apply with one brush and it saves me some time!
Mini Urban Decay Primer Potion

3. Do you prime your eyes?
    - I have very oily eyelids and priming my eyes are a must, so I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion to help my shadow stay all day and night.

4. Do you conceal first or after foundation?
    - I personally like to do it before foundation because after I have concealed the areas I need to, I may decide that I don't need foundation all over my face.

5. Do you go for manicures, or manicure yourself?
    - I have had a few manicures before, but seeing as I am in Cosmetology, I usually do my own nails. 

6. Do you exfoliate your lips, face, or both?
    - I exfoliate both my lips and face as well as my body.

7. On average, How long does it take to do your makeup?
    - Depending on how tired I am and how much many products I put on, it can take me anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?
    - I usually always wear makeup when I will be out of the house or will be seeing anyone.

9. What is your weakness? Shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry, or makeup?
    - Hmmmmm... well I love shoes, but it is very hard to find shoes that fit my very awkwardly shaped feet, so mostly makeup since I can never resist a good deal.

10. Do you whiten your teeth?
       - Nope.
Japonesque Tweezers

11. Do you wax or pluck your eyebrows?
       - I like to pluck my eyebrows myself.

12. What do you use to contour?
       - I usually use my NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Bronzer in Sunny

13. False lashes or natural?
      - Natural with mascara on.

14. Favorite makeup brand?
      - New York Color Cosmetics because almost every product I try of their's is always great for the price!

15. Liquid, Gel, or Pencil?
      - Liquid for my upper lash line, preferably Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner.
Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

16. Lipstick, Lip gloss, or chap stick?
      - Lip Butter. It is the perfect combo of Lipgloss and lip stick in one, super moisturizing formula.

17. Pigments, Pressed, or Cream eye shadows?
      - I prefer pressed powder eyeshadows.

18. Favorite eye shadow color by itself?
      - Lorac Eye Shadow in Serenity

19. Favorite eyeshadow combination?
     - Virgin as highlight, Naked on the lid and Buck in the crease from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

20. Neutral or dramatic eye shadow?
      - For everyday, neutral.

21. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
      - Definitely quality because some big name brands have let me down before and I have turned to drugstore products that actually perform better.

22. What is your current addiction?
      - Blushes. For quite a while I was obsessed with lip products, then eyeshadow, then foundations and now blushes, I have really been wanting to expand my blush collection lately. 

So what your answers to these questions? 
Tell me in the Comments!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Interesting Link:

I am back with another fashionably affordable interesting link. This time around I have a fashionable site filled to the brim with loads of clothing, handbags and shoes from some of the best known designers from around the world! Screen Capture taken at 4:00 PM EST October 2, 2011 is a fashion based website filled to the brim with the latest clothing and accessories from all the big name designers  so you can be sure that the products on this site are always on trend. However, if you are not up to date on the trends, they have a specific section of the site that even lists some of the seasons hottest trends like (For Fall 2011) autumn brights, color-blocking and glamourous furs. But that is not even the best part yet, all of the products on their site are featured at prices 20% to 75% off retail prices, so not only are you getting the seasons trendiest clothing and accessories, but you are also getting them at a super low price! Plus, Bluefly guarantees that all merchandise is 100% authentic and brand-new so you don't need to worry about buying any fake or used products.

Now getting down to the nitty gritty, they feature designers and products like Marc by Marc Jacobs Dresses, Balenciaga Handbags, Christian Louboutin Shoes, and so much more! It is literally like having your pick of fashions and accessories straight off the runway at prices only worthy of department store clothing. In addition to all the designer clothing and accessories you could ever want, they also have a small section of designer beauty and fragrance from 20% to 40% off retail prices. Either way, you save loads of money by purchasing your designer goods through this discount designer retailer!

Have you heard of this website before?
What do you think of it?
Tell me in the Comments below!

* I may be compensated for this blog post

September Favorites

Whao! Another month has flown past and I must say, I'm looking forward to October, one of my favorite months of the year because not only is my birthday this month, but also Halloween (a.k.a my favorite holiday ever!). However, with every start of the month, there are always a few products that stood out above all the rest the past month, so lets see what a few of them were!

This month I went back to using one of my all time favorite foundations, the Stila One Step, to look put together for school in just about a minute or less. I have to admit that I am pretty lazy when I wake up in the morning to get ready for school and I'm guilty of hitting the snooze once or twice, so having an easy-to-apply all-in-one foundation like this is a necessary  product in my beauty arsenal at all times.

I have recently been going back to using my all-time favorite Covergirl Classics Blush in 540 Rose Silk for an everyday glowy cheek that goes with anything I wear on my body or my lids. I feel like I haven't worn this blush in forever, but for some reason I started to pick it up almost every time I needed a quick flush last month.

Bath & Body

I have been absolutely loving the C. Booth Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser. This rough and tough scrub helps exfoliate my entire body with natural ingredients without being too harsh, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for my dry elbows!


I was loving dark, toned-down fall-inspired nail polish colors like this Sephora by O.P.I Metro Chic nail polish all last month. I love these dark, but super easy to wear colors because they will literally go with everything in my closet , but still look like I made an effort to coordinate every piece of my outfit together.

So, What were some of your favorites last month?
Tell me in the Comments!