Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tag: Can You Get Anymore Random?

Hey everyone! Here is a tag I found on CamiGmakeup4U2c.blogspot.com and just couldn't help but share my answers with you all!

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand?

    New York Color Cosmetics! They make some of the best, affordable products available in your local drugstore.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

     Hmmmmmm... probably Tokyo because of the crazy trends and unique products.

3. What is your favorite season for fashion?
    Definitely fall because I prefer jeans and layering with cute cardigans.

4. What is your holy grail makeup item?

   My Urban Decay Naked palette, more specifically, the color Naked because it is great for a neutral, matte all-over the lid color and perfect to fill in my brows.

5. Which one would you give up for a week; your phone or computer?

    I would give up my computer because I can get on the internet from my phone!

6. What perfume did you use today?

    Burberry The Beat

7. Straight or curly hair?

   In between? My naturally wavy/loose curly hair is what I like best.

8. If you were to dye a streak in your hair, what color would you choose? (pink, purple, red, yellow)


9. If you were trapped on a deserted island by yourself with food and water, what would you bring (one item)?
    I would bring my pet because I could use a companion on that lonely island!

10. What is your most played song on itunes?

     Loser Like Me by The Cast Of Glee

11. If you had to choose one makeup item to keep what would you choose? (be specific and different from your answer to #4)

    NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation

12.  Does it snow where you live?

      Unfortunately, yes.

13. What is you favorite beauty secret?

      Always, Always, Always blend your foundation down to your neck to avoid  foundation lines!

So, What are your answers to this tag?
Leave them in the Comments!

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