Thursday, September 15, 2011

NOTD: O.P.I Siberian Nights

Hey everyone! I have been on a nail kick lately as you can see, 2 nail posts in a week, new record!

O.P.I Siberian Nights
(please excuse the slight tip
wear and un-manicured nails)

Fall is coming back full force around where I live now and I prefer the darker colors for the chilly fall season (hence the dark grey in my last NOTD!). Last year around the fall time I started seeing a lot of people wearing dark, blackened shades of jade, amethyst, and sapphire. Which kind of always intrigued me because the polishes almost always looked black from far away, but if you looked up close you can see a hint of color, but I always thought, "if it looks black from far away, why not just wear a black polish?". Well now I understand it a little better after trying out this polish, it's sort of like a secret that only you know its not black, but everyone else thinks it is. Well.... at least that is what I think. Nevertheless, this is definitely a new staple color in my fall nail wardrobe!

Wow, 2 nail posts in one week! 
What is your opinion on the almost black, but actually not
polish trend?
Tell me what you think in the Comments!


Love. Life. Beauty said...

I LOVE this color, I wore it so many times last's great!

KTisaQT said...

Love it! I will be looking out for this colour!!