Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bath & Body Review: C. Booth Walnut Shell Scrub

Lately I have been having a small BIG issue with dry skin on my arms, specifically my elbows, so on a recent quest to the drugstore to find something that might possibly help slough off all that dry, dead, bumpy skin I came across quite a few products from the C. Booth line which I haven't heard all too much about, but I felt up to test drive a new brand after being on a new brand buying spree lately which I can now say has helped me find some great new products and brands to try out (including this one)!

C. Booth Walnut Shell Body Scrub
& Cleanser

After coming home and pretty much immediately stepping into the shower and squeezing out a grape sized dollop of this body scrub and cleanser, I noticed the nutty, warm vanilla fragrance waft up to my nose, which at first wasn't exactly my favorite since I prefer much more fresh and fruity scents. However, I have come to actually really enjoy the scent of it in the shower as it actually relaxes me when I use this before bed-time. All scent issues aside, I noticed the texture of it is sort-of somewhere between a gel and cream base that is actually really easy to rub into the skin and disperse the small to medium sized granules evenly.

But lets get down to the nitty gritty (see what I did there? nitty gritty and its a scrub?). Does it work? Well, for my bumpy, dry skin on my elbows it took about 3 or 4 washes for this scrub and my usual moisturizer to get it all off without drying me out or rubbing me raw. Huge success if you ask me! I just love how this scrub is able to balance out scrubbing power with gentleness unlike some others I have tried (St. Ives Apricot Scrub, I am looking at you). In fact, this scrub is so gentle that you can use if everyday if you want to! I also find that this scrub can be used almost anywhere and everywhere on your body, on dry, cracked heels, knees, legs, chest and shoulders, and I have even tried this out on my face after mixing it with a little bit of cream cleanser, which left me with fresh, glowing skin after my shower.

Besides the great results, this scrub and cleanser is also a great value at just around $6.00 for a huge 16 ounce bottle with an easy flip top cap to dispense the scrub. Plus, the bottle will last you a lifetime! I have probably used it a good 15 to 20 times, each a large grape sized amount and have only used about a fourth of the bottle up. In addition to all the great attributes of this product, it is not animal tested which means two paws up from our furry friends.

The Stats:
 - Warm, Nutty Smell
 - Quality Small to Medium Sized Granuales
 - Not Tested on Animals
 - Contains quality ingredients like pumice and walnut shell powder to exfoliate and Aloe to gently soothe
 - Generous 16 (US Fluid) Ounces for under $6.00 (US Dollars)
 - Easy Flip-Top Cap
 - Doesn't leave your shower or bath tub sticky or slippery like salt and sugar scrubs
 - Great to use on all parts of the body (and even on the face if you are careful!)
 - Gentle while still effective

Have you used any to-die-for body scrubs lately?
Tell me what they are in the Comments!

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Lexy said...

I need to try that!!
There is nothing like exfoliating to make you feel smooth and silky.