Sunday, August 28, 2011

Makeup Tools Review: e.l.f Studio Line Fan Brush

I feel like I haven't done an individual tool review in quite a while, so I think it is about time I hop to it!

e.l.f Studio Fan Brush

While searching the cosmetic isles of my local Kmart I was ecstatic to find out that they just started carrying the entire e.l.f Studio Line, so naturally I picked up the infamous Blushing and Bronzing Contouring Duo along with this fan brush since I have been just dying to try this kind of unique brush, but very few cosmetic companies, even the more expensive ones, don't make fan brushes.

After getting home and opening up the reusable storage package to pull out the brush I was so surprised at how soft the bristles were when my fingers came in contact with the brush for the first time. For just three dollars I wasn't expecting to feel the silky, soft taklon fibers that I was feeling. I have to admit, that I did happen to sweep this brush over my face a few more times than necessary without any product on it, but these bristles are just so soft I couldn't resist!

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, how well this brush lives up to its $3.00 price tag. I have to say, I think this brush is best served as a clean up tool for fallout underneath your eyes due to how thin the brush is. Most fan brushes are supposed to be thin, but every time I use it, this brush's soft taklon fibers spread out and thin even more than I would expect when pressed into the pan of a blush or bronzer and does not pick up very much product. Although, this can be very, very good for those with heavy hands when it comes to blush that is highly pigmented, but for me, this takes too long to build up the layers with one of my regularly used blushes. I also find that when sweeping blush or bronzer onto your skin, it deposits practically all the color into one spot in the shape of a half moon, which is not attractive if you ask me! I don't think I will be using this brush again any time soon to apply blushes and bronzers, however, it can do wonders to help blend out harsh bronzer lines when used with a gentle back and forth motion like you are shading something in with a pencil. However, I have to admit, I was looking for a brush that would do more application work rather than just sweeping away fallout or blending.

The Stats:
 - Soft, Synthetic Taklon Fibers
 - Minimal Shedding
 - $3.00 price tag
 - Comes with a convenient travel and storage pouch
 - Does not pick up a large amount of product (Good for pigmented blushes!)
 - Great for sweeping away fallout
 - Thin Brush
 - Sleek Black Packaging
 - Good blending capabilities
 - No Animal Testing

Have you ever tried any e.l.f or e.l.f Studio Line Brushes?
How was your experience with them?
Tell me in the Comments!


Beauty on a College budget said...

That stinks! I really only love about elf is their brushes, that's mainly all I use for brushes. I never thought to try this brush out myself because I'm happy with the brush I use already. Thank god I didn't!

Lexy said...

I havnt tried elf brushes but I think I want to give them a try. I have a fan brush that i never use lol they're supposed to be good for a highlight on top of your cheek.

BeautyKnowItAlls said...

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Anonymous said...

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