Monday, August 22, 2011

Makeup Review: e.l.f Studio Line Contouring Duo

Hey Everyone! You all know I just love a bargain when I see one and can simply not resist! Well I saw this cute little duo at my local Kmart and went absolutely nuts because after hearing many reviews (both good and bad) of this duo I just had to give it a try, plus it didn't break the bank at just $3.00 so I could definitely afford to give it a chance. (And I am glad I did!)

After picking up this duo I also grabbed the e.l.f Studio Line Fan Brush (I have been wanting a fan brush forever! Expect a review of this soon!) and out the door I went! I was super excited to try this little duo out, but I already had blush and bronzer on and was expected to be somewhere later without scary overdone cheeks, so I settled with just marveling at the super sophisticated packaging and the delicate colored powders inside.

e.l.f Studio Line Contouring Duo

When the next day finally rolled around I was so eager to try out the duo. Instead of immediately dipping my brush into the pans I decided I better swatch them first though because many have said that the powders are very pigmented and using a light hand is a must. So I carefully swiped a finger across each powder noticing that they did feel a bit grainy (most-likely due to the shimmer/sparkles) and a little more powdery than high-end blushes, but I am not one to be deterred by this because after-all, one of my favorite blushes of all time isn't the smoothest, nor the creamiest one around. All powdery feelings aside, I swatched them on my arm and was very pleased with the results.

Blushing on the Left, Bronzing on the Right

They are both highly pigmented and go on smoothly, two great things about this duo! However, I quickly realized that this duo is certainly not a dupe for the NARS Orgasm and Laguna Duo (I do not own the NARS duo, but have swatched it numerous times as well as having an MUA apply it on me at Sephora). NARS Orgasm Blush tends to go on a bit more sheer and a tad more pinky than peachy while NARS Laguna Bronzer tends to go on just as pigmented, but with more of a golden bronzey tone to it. However, this duo still has two great colors that can still be just as universally flattering as the famed NARS duo when used with the right brush and right amount of pressure.

e.l.f Contouring Duo: Blushing on the Left, Bronzing on the Right

After testing the consistency and pigmentation with the swatches I finally dipped my EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush very lightly because it is a rather dense brush that can pick up a lot of product and with this bronzer being so pigmented it was important to pick up only a small bit on the brush at a time and build the color slowly. This method worked out very well for me so the next day I tried picking up more product on the brush and applying it and found out that was a huge mistake! The bronzer was very hard to blend in when I used more than just a tap of it, so be forewarned. The Blush however is much easier to blend so feel free to pick up as much as you want of it on your brush and sweep it right onto the apples of your cheeks for a natural glowy flush.

Besides the amazing quality and pretty packaging for the super low price of just $3.00, e.l.f Studio Cosmetics are never tested on animals, so we never have to fear for any of our furry friends.

The Stats:
 - Super affordable at just $3.00
 - Can be found at your local Kmart, Target or
 - Great Color Payoff
 - Bronzer is a tad bit hard to blend
 - Both the blush and bronzer feel a little powdery and grainy
 - Huge compact mirror
 - Both the blush and bronzer have shimmer in them (the shimmer doesn't really show up much on the face)

Have you ever tried out any e.l.f or e.l.f Studio products?
How was your experience?
Share how it was in the Comments!


NaturalBeauty26 said...

I love this product too!! I have noticed though that if one uses even too teensyest bit too much bronzer you just end up looking like you have a a splotch of dirt of your face

metroswimgal said...

i love this duo! its so great and pretty and versatile for all skin tones! i agree with naturalbeauty26, when i first tried it, i packed it onto my brush, and lets just say i looked like i fell asleep in a tanning! but i also love that i can wear it any time of the year thanks for the review! :)

MaryElizabeth said...

I have this duo and I love it! I definitely use the blush a lot more than the bronzer because it doesn't blend very well and is a bit dark for my skin, but the blush is amazing! I am also going to have to pick up some ELF brushes to try out!

Gemma-Louise said...

Great Review