Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Hey Everyone! Time for another lovely link and this time around we are talking anti-aging (plus some acne and rosacea) skincare, so put your hair up and stay awhile because this is one Interesting Link. screenshot taken at 9:47 PM EST

We all hate to admit it, but at some point we all start to age, hopefully for me it won't be for quite a few more years, but when I get there, you can bet I will be using something with the miracle drug, Hydroquinone, in it like the Obagi skin care line. Why is Hydroquinone such an important ingredient or "miracle drug"? Because it does so many great things for your skin including assisting to eliminate hyperpigmentation and melasma among various other skin conditions. The Obagi skincare line features 4% of this amazing ingredient in their Obagi Clear #3, part of the Obagi Nu-Derm Line, to improve uneven skin color and lighten dark spots.

This company also caters to those of us with other skin conditions like rosacea (Obagi Rosaclear) and acne (Obagi Tretinoin and Obagi Clenziderm MD). Both of these lines include everything you need in your skincare routine from cleansers to treatments to moisturizer, so no matter what product types you like to use there is something for everyone.

In general, this skin care company is a middle to high-end skin care company, so expect their product prices to be more than drugstore prices, but often times much lower than high-end department store prices. They also offer free same day shipping on all orders, no minimum amount required, which is something almost unheard of!

In the words of the Obagi skincare company, "Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do".

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I would love to repost this article on my blog for many readers who would not likely find their way to yours. My audience is largely non-academic. Of course, I would fully attribute the work to you and provide a link-back to your blog from within the article. You're already on my blogroll.

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