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Back To Surviving High School

Hey everyone! As most of you know, I am going into my junior year of high school and in the past two years of high school I have learned quite a bit and since most of us will be going back to school soon and with some of you just starting your first year of high school I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of my knowledge. (Most of this pertains to my high school specifically, so if it doesn't pertain to yours, don't worry about it!)

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 - When you first get your schedule, locker number and all of those fun forms to fill out, make sure to plan your routes to class along with locker stops. In my school we had 5 minutes after every class period to get to our next class and you usually only stopped at your locker when it was close by next class or when it was convenient. If you can't get to your locker as often as you would like, just ask a friend who has one in a more convenient location if they would mind you putting a book or two in their locker.

 - One of the most important things that I can stress is to walk on the right side of the hallway, especially if hallways are narrower in your school. This is muy importante (very important) because as soon as the bell rings hallways get crowded fast and if you decide to walk on the left side of the hallway you may find yourself fighting through crowds of people going the opposite way you are going! Also, try not to stop in the middle of the hallway and talk to friends because then you block others and prevent them from getting to their classes on time.

-The day that I go to pick up my schedule I always call all of my friends and ask them what period they have lunch each semester. Why you ask? Because finding a lunch-buddy before the first day of school will prevent you from worrying and freaking out when it finally comes time to pick where you are going to be sitting. (If everyone in your school has lunch at the same time and place you may not need to plan this out as much, in my school there are three different periods and two different cafeteria's to chose from)

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- Always, always, always carry extra supplies with you at all times! You never know when you may lose your pencil case or forget it in another class. To avoid having to borrow from others always keep two extra pencils, two pens (1 red and one black for writing and correcting) and an extra eraser inside a pocket of your book bag or tote bag.

- Also be prepared for other personal worst case scenarios by keeping a small kit filled with pads, tampons, lip balm, hair ties, bobbies pins/clips, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, a mini hair brush, lotion, and any other necessities inside of your tote/book bag. Also try to keep a sweater and a pair of sweatpants or jeans in your locker at all times incase you spill something on yourself during art or (I hope this never happens to anyone!) you split your pants or even incase you get in trouble for "inappropriate clothing" at school.

- We all love to glam it up with a smokey eye and bright, colorful looks, but at school its time to tone it down a bit to natural neutrals and earthy browns. Try my Nearly Naked Eye using the Urban Decay Naked Palette or choose a shimmery champagne color for all over your lid, add some mascara and wing out you liner (just a tiny bit, only enough to add a small amount of drama and draw attention to your eyes) and you are good to go!

- One last piece of advice, don't get caught up in the drama of high school. It can be hard no to get sucked up into drama, but always remember, just let it go, forgive, forget, and its done with.

I hope this helps some of you girls, I know this would have definitely helped me when I was a Freshman because, yes, I was the dork rushing to get to my locker all the time, stopping in the middle of the hallways, searching for friends when I got to lunch, borrowing other people's supplies, asking my friends for a pad, wearing a little too dramatic eyeshadow/liner combo, and trying to sort out all the drama!
Good Luck Everyone!

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