Sunday, August 28, 2011

Makeup Tools Review: e.l.f Studio Line Fan Brush

I feel like I haven't done an individual tool review in quite a while, so I think it is about time I hop to it!

e.l.f Studio Fan Brush

While searching the cosmetic isles of my local Kmart I was ecstatic to find out that they just started carrying the entire e.l.f Studio Line, so naturally I picked up the infamous Blushing and Bronzing Contouring Duo along with this fan brush since I have been just dying to try this kind of unique brush, but very few cosmetic companies, even the more expensive ones, don't make fan brushes.

After getting home and opening up the reusable storage package to pull out the brush I was so surprised at how soft the bristles were when my fingers came in contact with the brush for the first time. For just three dollars I wasn't expecting to feel the silky, soft taklon fibers that I was feeling. I have to admit, that I did happen to sweep this brush over my face a few more times than necessary without any product on it, but these bristles are just so soft I couldn't resist!

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, how well this brush lives up to its $3.00 price tag. I have to say, I think this brush is best served as a clean up tool for fallout underneath your eyes due to how thin the brush is. Most fan brushes are supposed to be thin, but every time I use it, this brush's soft taklon fibers spread out and thin even more than I would expect when pressed into the pan of a blush or bronzer and does not pick up very much product. Although, this can be very, very good for those with heavy hands when it comes to blush that is highly pigmented, but for me, this takes too long to build up the layers with one of my regularly used blushes. I also find that when sweeping blush or bronzer onto your skin, it deposits practically all the color into one spot in the shape of a half moon, which is not attractive if you ask me! I don't think I will be using this brush again any time soon to apply blushes and bronzers, however, it can do wonders to help blend out harsh bronzer lines when used with a gentle back and forth motion like you are shading something in with a pencil. However, I have to admit, I was looking for a brush that would do more application work rather than just sweeping away fallout or blending.

The Stats:
 - Soft, Synthetic Taklon Fibers
 - Minimal Shedding
 - $3.00 price tag
 - Comes with a convenient travel and storage pouch
 - Does not pick up a large amount of product (Good for pigmented blushes!)
 - Great for sweeping away fallout
 - Thin Brush
 - Sleek Black Packaging
 - Good blending capabilities
 - No Animal Testing

Have you ever tried any e.l.f or e.l.f Studio Line Brushes?
How was your experience with them?
Tell me in the Comments!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spotlight On Undiscovered Bloggers

Recently I have come across many fairly new, undiscovered beauty and fashion bloggers who I think could use some lovin' so without further adue, here are a few bloggers definitely worth checking out! (These are in no particular order!)

JessieMariem from Hello Beautiful - Jessie is a beauty blogger, youtube beauty guru and a crafty Etsy creator all wrapped up into one fabulous girl with a passion for what she does. Her Youtube videos are super informative while still being fun and entertaining just like her beauty blog and don't even get me started on her Etsy creations! She makes some very cute hair accessories and earrings that are sold for very low prices, so don't be afraid to click on over to her beauty blog, channel or Etsy shop!

Meg from Beauty On A College Budget - Meg is not just your average college student, she is a beauty-blogging, cometic-loving college student. We all know cosmetic loving and college student used in the same sentence usually does not work out too well, but this girl has got the key to balancing out the two: budget friendly makeup without sacrificing quality. I am pretty sure all of us can agree on this idea, so if you do, make sure to scoot on over to her page now and give her some new blogger support!

Britt from Almost Britain - Britt is your girl if like anything creative, she creates beautiful and inspiring makeup looks, writes her heart out and captures every moment with an expertly angled camera. She also wears her heart on her sleeve and shares personal details in every post so you really feel like you are talking to her right then and there learning about her likes, dislikes and passions. Don't forget to drop by this creative girl's blog and get to know her a little better.

Lexy from Beauty Rush - This bubbly beauty blogger loves to share all her recent purchases from drugstore to high-end. She always has some beauty product to share and does some mini reviews of the products and swatches as well. Check-out Lexy if you love great haul posts and mini reviews!

Kristen from Menz Beauty - Kristen deserves some major support for being a product junkie on the cheap while having a knack for Atmospheric Science. She may be a beauty and cosmetics junkie, but she's no weather woman! She prefers to be out in the field chasing storms and tornados, but she likes to look good doing it! And who wouldn't? Run on over to her blog for a fun combo of storm chasing videos and product reviews.

Go check-out some of these great blogs 
and tell me what you like best about them in the Comments!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School With The Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hey Girls! I think it is insanely important to understand the basics of eye makeup, including how to apply it, where to apply it and why which color goes where. This year many of you may just be entering high school and finally coming to the point that you are allowed to (or want to) wear makeup to school or out and about on a regular basis, but don't fear, I have a few tips and tricks to help any newbies out there get familiar with applying eye makeup and using certain products and tools.

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how I create my Aria Montgomery (from Pretty Little Liars) inspired eyeshadow look featured in my Deconstructed Face Of  The Days For School Days post. Please be aware, that on me, because of my fair skin tone, this look is a bit dark and dramatic (especially with the amped up version), therefore I would probably would not wear this to school every single day as I tend to like lighter, more sheer looks, but this can still be very wearable for those with a darker complexion or if you prefer to wear slightly more dramatic looks on a daily basis.

Now before we get started, I would like to explain a little bit about the tools and products I will be using to create this look.

Left to right: Sigma Beauty Eye Shading - E55, Sigma
Beauty Tapered Blending - E40, Flirt! Eyeshadow Brush,
Sigma Beauty Pencil - E30, EcoTools Bamboo Angled
Eyeliner Brush, EcoTools Bamboo Lash and Brow

Don't fear if you don't own every brush pictured above, all you really need is two brushes. If you are just starting out with brushes, make your first purchase an eyeshadow shader brush because a shader brush can make a huge difference in the application of your eyeshadow. Shader brushes can also be great multitaskers and serve multiple duties in your makeup routine from lid color, to crease and outer-v color, to highlight and inner corner, to lower lashline color, and can even be used to apply concealer and fill in your brows. After you have a shader brush, make your next priority to find a tapered blending brush. A blending brush can make it much easier to blend out your eyeshadow colors and can also apply crease color flawlessly.

Now that we have that all taken care of, here is the Urban Decay Naked Palette with the colors identified that I will be using in this tutorial.

On to the tutorial!

Start off with a clean, primed eye (I used Napolean Peridis Auto Pilot Eye Spy Eye Cream and Primer, I also have one coat of the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Black already on because I wasn't planning on doing this tutorial when I first started putting my makeup on) .

Then, pick up your shader brush (in my case, my Sigma Beauty E55 brush) and start to pack Buck eyeshadow onto your lid and up into your crease. It is okay if you have any harsh lines, we will fix that in the next step.

Take your blending brush (in my case, my Sigma Beauty E40) and blend out all the harsh lines and edges using a window wiper motion or blending out in small circles. 

Again, pick up your blending brush or crease brush (in my case, my Flirt! Eyeshadow Brush) and pick up a small amount of Darkhorse eyeshadow and starting at the outer corner, work the color into your crease using a windshield wiper motion or whatever motion you feel comfortable using to build the color into your crease. Feel free to pick up more onto the tip of your brush and repeat as necessary until  you have the desired color or effect. (Note: Using more darkhorse will produce a smokier look, less will produce a defined, but natural look)

Then, wipe the color off of your blending brush or crease brush (in my case, I am using the Sigma Beauty E40 again) and blend out any harsh lines again using windshield wiper motions or small circles. After that, dip your blending brush or shading brush (I am still using my Sigma Beauty E40) and get a small amount of Virgin eyeshadow on your brush and sweep it up onto your brow bone and blend down if necessary. 

To highlight the inner corner of your eyes, use your shader brush or pencil brush (in my case, my Sigma Beauty E30) and pick up some more virgin eyeshadow and stamp it into the inner corner and sweep onto the inner third of your lower lashline. (Note: If you are very new to makeup and eyeshadow, I suggest stopping here at the basic level, for more intermediate to advanced looks, keep reading)

Again, using your shader brush or pencil brush (in my case, my Sigma Beauty E30), dip it into Buck eyeshadow and sweep along your lashline until you meet the Virgin eyeshadow and blend the two together with the same brush sweeping back and forth between the colors.

This next step is optional, if you prefer to fill in your brows and have blonde or brunette hair, use your angled eyebrow brush or shader brush (in my case, my EcoTools Bamboo Angled Eyeliner Brush) and dip it into Naked, Buck or a mix of both and simply sweep in short strokes into your brows to fill in any sparse areas. Also make sure to go over your finished brows with a spooly brush or a lash and brow groomer brush (in my case, my EcoTools Lash and Brow Groomer) with a gel or wax to keep your brows looking good and tamed all day long.
(In the above picture I used Naked and a small amount of Buck to fill in my brows.)

After that, you are done! Just sweep one coat of your favorite mascara on your top and bottom lashes an you are ready to go!

Amped Up Version

If you want to take this look from Day-To-Night or just want to make the look a little more dramatic, try lining your upper lashline, lower and upper waterlines with a dark brown eyeliner (I used Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Pencil Eyeliner in Dark Chocolate) with a second coat of your favorite mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. Instant drama!

Hope you all are having a great day! I have my first day of cosmetology today, wish me luck!

I think I have been liking this whole tutorial thing,
Do you think I should do more? 
Tell me your opinion in the Comments!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Makeup Review: e.l.f Studio Line Contouring Duo

Hey Everyone! You all know I just love a bargain when I see one and can simply not resist! Well I saw this cute little duo at my local Kmart and went absolutely nuts because after hearing many reviews (both good and bad) of this duo I just had to give it a try, plus it didn't break the bank at just $3.00 so I could definitely afford to give it a chance. (And I am glad I did!)

After picking up this duo I also grabbed the e.l.f Studio Line Fan Brush (I have been wanting a fan brush forever! Expect a review of this soon!) and out the door I went! I was super excited to try this little duo out, but I already had blush and bronzer on and was expected to be somewhere later without scary overdone cheeks, so I settled with just marveling at the super sophisticated packaging and the delicate colored powders inside.

e.l.f Studio Line Contouring Duo

When the next day finally rolled around I was so eager to try out the duo. Instead of immediately dipping my brush into the pans I decided I better swatch them first though because many have said that the powders are very pigmented and using a light hand is a must. So I carefully swiped a finger across each powder noticing that they did feel a bit grainy (most-likely due to the shimmer/sparkles) and a little more powdery than high-end blushes, but I am not one to be deterred by this because after-all, one of my favorite blushes of all time isn't the smoothest, nor the creamiest one around. All powdery feelings aside, I swatched them on my arm and was very pleased with the results.

Blushing on the Left, Bronzing on the Right

They are both highly pigmented and go on smoothly, two great things about this duo! However, I quickly realized that this duo is certainly not a dupe for the NARS Orgasm and Laguna Duo (I do not own the NARS duo, but have swatched it numerous times as well as having an MUA apply it on me at Sephora). NARS Orgasm Blush tends to go on a bit more sheer and a tad more pinky than peachy while NARS Laguna Bronzer tends to go on just as pigmented, but with more of a golden bronzey tone to it. However, this duo still has two great colors that can still be just as universally flattering as the famed NARS duo when used with the right brush and right amount of pressure.

e.l.f Contouring Duo: Blushing on the Left, Bronzing on the Right

After testing the consistency and pigmentation with the swatches I finally dipped my EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush very lightly because it is a rather dense brush that can pick up a lot of product and with this bronzer being so pigmented it was important to pick up only a small bit on the brush at a time and build the color slowly. This method worked out very well for me so the next day I tried picking up more product on the brush and applying it and found out that was a huge mistake! The bronzer was very hard to blend in when I used more than just a tap of it, so be forewarned. The Blush however is much easier to blend so feel free to pick up as much as you want of it on your brush and sweep it right onto the apples of your cheeks for a natural glowy flush.

Besides the amazing quality and pretty packaging for the super low price of just $3.00, e.l.f Studio Cosmetics are never tested on animals, so we never have to fear for any of our furry friends.

The Stats:
 - Super affordable at just $3.00
 - Can be found at your local Kmart, Target or
 - Great Color Payoff
 - Bronzer is a tad bit hard to blend
 - Both the blush and bronzer feel a little powdery and grainy
 - Huge compact mirror
 - Both the blush and bronzer have shimmer in them (the shimmer doesn't really show up much on the face)

Have you ever tried out any e.l.f or e.l.f Studio products?
How was your experience?
Share how it was in the Comments!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Interesting Link:

Hey Everyone! Time for another lovely link and this time around we are talking anti-aging (plus some acne and rosacea) skincare, so put your hair up and stay awhile because this is one Interesting Link. screenshot taken at 9:47 PM EST

We all hate to admit it, but at some point we all start to age, hopefully for me it won't be for quite a few more years, but when I get there, you can bet I will be using something with the miracle drug, Hydroquinone, in it like the Obagi skin care line. Why is Hydroquinone such an important ingredient or "miracle drug"? Because it does so many great things for your skin including assisting to eliminate hyperpigmentation and melasma among various other skin conditions. The Obagi skincare line features 4% of this amazing ingredient in their Obagi Clear #3, part of the Obagi Nu-Derm Line, to improve uneven skin color and lighten dark spots.

This company also caters to those of us with other skin conditions like rosacea (Obagi Rosaclear) and acne (Obagi Tretinoin and Obagi Clenziderm MD). Both of these lines include everything you need in your skincare routine from cleansers to treatments to moisturizer, so no matter what product types you like to use there is something for everyone.

In general, this skin care company is a middle to high-end skin care company, so expect their product prices to be more than drugstore prices, but often times much lower than high-end department store prices. They also offer free same day shipping on all orders, no minimum amount required, which is something almost unheard of!

In the words of the Obagi skincare company, "Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do".

Have you ever tried anything from this skincare company?
Have you tried a similar skincare company?
Share in the Comments if you have!
*I may be compensated for this blog post.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tag: Everyday I'm (iPod) Shufflin'

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are having a great Thursday because at least for me, this is my last Thursday of freedom before the school year starts so I am making the most of it! With that said, I decided to do a super fun post today that I saw JessieMariem do a while back and finally decide, what the heck, why not join in on the fun?!?!?!

Here are the rules:

  • Put your music device (iPod, iTunes, Zune, Phone, etc.) on shuffle.
  • Whatever song plays write that down to answer the question, even if it doesn't make sense! 
  • DO NOT RIG IT TO MAKE SENSE!! Then it's no fun! 
On with the tag! (The first 15 songs were shuffled in a recent playlist because I couldn't find a way to shuffle all my music and then I finally found iTunes DJ for the songs after 15)

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?", you say...
"Tonight, Tonight" by Hot Chelle Ray

2. What would best describe your personality?
"Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry  { Definetly not my personality! I am not like that!}

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
"Blame it on the Pop" Remix by DJ Earworm

4. What is your life's purpose?
"Viva La Pop" Remix by DJ Earworm {haha... spend my whole life listening to pop?}

5. What is your motto?
"Love Me Or Let Me Go" by Avery  {This worked out great!}

6. What do your friends think of you?
"Don't Stop The Pop" Remix by DJ Earworm  {yep I must be the queen of pop or something}

7. What do you think about very often?
"Don't Wanna Go Home" by Jason Derulo  {Haha... just ask this question to any teenager and you will get the same answer}

8. What is 2 + 2?
"Smile" by Avril Lavigne {cute!}

9. What do you think of your best friend?
"Just Friends" by Kill Paradise  {I swear this wasn't rigged, it just worked out perfectly!}

10. What do you think of the person you like?
"Part Rock Anthem" by LMFAO  {apparently they party a lot?}

11. What is your life story?
"Loser Like Me" by The Cast Of Glee  {completely my life story right here!}

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Part On The Floor" Remix by DJ Earworm  {?!?!?!?}

13. What do you think when you see the person you like?
"Stay Out" by Hit The Lights   { ;) I guess I don't really like them that much}

14. What do your parents think of you?
"8-Bit World" by yourfavoritemartianmusic (youtube)  

15. What will they play at your funeral?
"Blow" By Ke$ha  {I really hope not!}

16. What is hobby/interest?
"I Wanna Go" by Britney Spears  {I guess I don't like being around people}

17. What is your biggest secret?
"The Story Of Us" by Taylor Swift  {sorry Mr.Boyfriend, you are secret}

18. What do you think of your friends?
"Give Me Everything" by Pitbull  {I'm not that demanding, am I?}

19.What's the worst thing that could happen?
"Keep Your Head Up" By Andy Grammer {Then apparently I am going to have a great life if that is the worst thing that could happen}

20. How will you die?
"Faster" by Matt Nathanson  {I hope it is quick and painless!}

21. What is one thing you regret?
"Price Tag" by Jessie J  {I knew I shouldn't have bought all that makeup!}

22. What makes you laugh?
"With Love" by Hilary Duff  

23. What makes you cry?
"A Party Song (Walk Of Shame)" by All Time Low

24. Will you ever get married?
"Sugarcoat" by Breaking Benjamin

25. What scares you the most?
"Blind" by Lifehouse  {I hope I never go blind!}

26. Does anyone like you?
"The Feel Drag" by Anberlin 

27. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
"If We Ever Meet Again" by Timbaland 

28. What hurts right now?
"Summertime" by Teen Hearts

Hope you liked it!
I Now tag all of you ladies reading this and make sure to leave me the link to your tag response in the Comments below!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deconstructed Face Of The Days For School Days

We all know it is that time of year again when mothers and fathers start packing lunches and shopping at Officemax on weekends, back to school we go! However, going back to school the first day can be stressing wondering where your classes are (don't want to look like a lost puppy!), how your hair looks (don't wanna look like a total frizz-ball!) and coping with the awkward stares of other anxious students (do I have something on my face? I knew I shouldn't have eaten that egg and cheese croissant this morning!).

To take some of the pressure off of the first day of school, here are a few school appropriate looks that range from basic to intermediate to achieve for the first few days of school. (All of the eye looks use the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Sigma Brushes were used to apply all face and eye makeup)

Day2: Stila One Step Makeup Foundation in Fair
Day1: NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation in 676 Ivory 

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint and
HighBeam/e.l.f Studio Line Contouring
Blush & Bronzing Powder Kit
(Only Bronzer was used)
NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Bronzing 
Powder applied all over the 
cheek and used for contouring/e.l.f 
Studio Line Contouring Blush &
 Bronzing  Kit (Only blush was used)

Toasted all over lid up to the crease
with Hustle in the crease, Darkhorse
in the outer corner and smudged under
the lower lashes, Sin as the browbone
and inner corner highlight *L'Oreal
Voluminous Million Lashes used

Sidecar over the entire lid up to crease
*Buxom Lash used

Stila Clear Color Lip Tint in Pink

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Stain
with C.O. Bigelow Apple Rose Salve

Day3: NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation        Day4:  NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation
mixed with Maybelline Mineral Power Natural
Perfecting Foundation
(Channeling my inner Aria Montgomery)
Benefit Cosmetics Posietint with
Covergirl Classic Color Blush in
540 Rose Silk overtop and NYC
Smooth Skin Pressed Bronzing
Powder in Sunny
r.l.f Studio Line Contouring
Blush and Bronzer

Buck all over the lid and on the
lower lashline, Darkhorse in the
crease and Virgin as Browbone and
inner corner highlight
*Buxom Lash used
Virgin used as Browbone, inner corner
and inner third of eye highlight, Naked
over the remaining 2/3 of lid and Buck
in the crease *L'Oreal Voluminous
 Milion lashes used

Maybelline Sensational Lipstick in
135 Make Me Pick dabbed on the
lips with NYC Liquid Lip Shine in
Petal Pink overtop

Vanilla Bean Noelle Liplicious
Lipgloss (if you don't have naturally
pigmented lips, use posietint for a
similar pink color)

Now that you have seen the looks it's time to practice and find out exactly how much time you will be needing to get ready. I also recommend practicing with the products you are going to use that day because you don't wanna try out that new mascara the for the first time, the first day of school, to find out that it smears and flakes within 2 hours of application! Also make sure to check your makeup in multiple lighting situations beforehand to avoid orangey-ness and foundation lines. Good Luck on your first day back to school! *I know I could use some, my Cosmetology teacher is super intimidating!*

What are some of your go-to back-to-school looks?
Share in the comments!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Makeup Review: Benefit Feelin' Cheeky! Minis

I almost feel like it has been forever since I have done a review on a product since all the excitement of my first Sigma giveaway and other specialty posts I have published recently, but for all of you review lovers this one is strictly a review and I have a few more I will be doing soon as well so make sure to check back often for those! Now on to the lovely, long anticipated review!

Benefit Cosmetics Feelin' Cheeky! Minis Trio including
Posie Tint, High Beam and Benetint

I will admit it, I am a sucker for a good deal. So when I happened to be browsing around a Sephora (back when I was with my sister in the Virginia/D.C. area) I must have looked dumbstruck, utterly surprised and filled with desire when I saw the mere $15.00 price tag on this set of popular Benefit minis near the check-out line. I would be lying if I said I didn't snatch one up as fast as humanly possible before checking out and heading off on my marry way to browse around MAC (I have been debating about what my first purchase should be, a concealer? or Creme Cup Lipstick? or maybe Painterly Paint Pot?) and avoid those very pushy salesmen (and saleswomen!) at the kiosks so perfectly placed in the middle of the mall to attack any living person with charm and some sort of evil plan to get them to drop some serious dough on their products.

After finally making it out of the mall alive I was eager to try them, I admit, I had very high expectations for these cult fav products and most of them were met! Posietint and Benetint both turn out very sheer and natural on the cheeks with one layer using three short streaks, however Posietint was a little too sheer and almost didn't make much of a difference in the color of my cheeks even on my porcelain skin. That being said, I could stand if Posietint was a little more pigmented so I don't have to take the time to apply 2 or more layers to get sufficient color unlike Benetint that gives me a natural rosy tint with one layer.

Swatches from Left to Right on Porcelain/Fair Skin:
Benetint, Positint and High Beam

Now the one thing in this set that I was most hesitant about was the High Beam highlighter. Mostly just because I do have combo normal/oily skin and usually shy away from anything that will make me look dewy in the first place which can more easily become oily throughout the day. However, I am definitely glad that it was in this set so I had the chance to... well... give it a chance! I found this highlighter actually really easy to use and blend and it easily helps balance out a matte foundation, eye look or lipstick since it can be used on all areas of the face like cheekbones, browbone and cupid's bow. Plus, a little goes a long way so this little 0.13 US oz bottle will probably last me a few years!

I also love the overall portability and travel-friendly size of these minis. All three of these minis bundled together take up less room than one MAC blush or mineralized skin finish will in your makeup bag so feel free to fly, drive or take a train ride  (hey that rhymed!) with these. I can also say that after a good 2-3 hours in the ocean with salt water spraying and splashing on my face the tint on my cheeks and lips stayed put!

The Stats:
 - Multitasker (both lip and cheek stain in one! The highlighter can be used under the brow, on the cupid's bow,cheekbones, and anywhere you want to highlight)
 - Long Lasting Stain (on the cheeks)
 - Color fades a bit on the lips after a few hours of wear
 - Easy to blend into the skin / easy to work with
 - All products have a unique nail polish applicator
 - Can be sheer for a light flush
 - Easily layered for more bold color
 - Natural looking on the skin
 - Travel Friendly (each bottle is just 0.13 US oz)
 - Sephora Exclusive
 - $15.00 US Dollars

Have you ever tried these? Have you tried any other cheek/lip stains?
Tell me in the Comments!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back To Surviving High School

Hey everyone! As most of you know, I am going into my junior year of high school and in the past two years of high school I have learned quite a bit and since most of us will be going back to school soon and with some of you just starting your first year of high school I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of my knowledge. (Most of this pertains to my high school specifically, so if it doesn't pertain to yours, don't worry about it!)

Picture from

 - When you first get your schedule, locker number and all of those fun forms to fill out, make sure to plan your routes to class along with locker stops. In my school we had 5 minutes after every class period to get to our next class and you usually only stopped at your locker when it was close by next class or when it was convenient. If you can't get to your locker as often as you would like, just ask a friend who has one in a more convenient location if they would mind you putting a book or two in their locker.

 - One of the most important things that I can stress is to walk on the right side of the hallway, especially if hallways are narrower in your school. This is muy importante (very important) because as soon as the bell rings hallways get crowded fast and if you decide to walk on the left side of the hallway you may find yourself fighting through crowds of people going the opposite way you are going! Also, try not to stop in the middle of the hallway and talk to friends because then you block others and prevent them from getting to their classes on time.

-The day that I go to pick up my schedule I always call all of my friends and ask them what period they have lunch each semester. Why you ask? Because finding a lunch-buddy before the first day of school will prevent you from worrying and freaking out when it finally comes time to pick where you are going to be sitting. (If everyone in your school has lunch at the same time and place you may not need to plan this out as much, in my school there are three different periods and two different cafeteria's to chose from)

Picture from

- Always, always, always carry extra supplies with you at all times! You never know when you may lose your pencil case or forget it in another class. To avoid having to borrow from others always keep two extra pencils, two pens (1 red and one black for writing and correcting) and an extra eraser inside a pocket of your book bag or tote bag.

- Also be prepared for other personal worst case scenarios by keeping a small kit filled with pads, tampons, lip balm, hair ties, bobbies pins/clips, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, a mini hair brush, lotion, and any other necessities inside of your tote/book bag. Also try to keep a sweater and a pair of sweatpants or jeans in your locker at all times incase you spill something on yourself during art or (I hope this never happens to anyone!) you split your pants or even incase you get in trouble for "inappropriate clothing" at school.

- We all love to glam it up with a smokey eye and bright, colorful looks, but at school its time to tone it down a bit to natural neutrals and earthy browns. Try my Nearly Naked Eye using the Urban Decay Naked Palette or choose a shimmery champagne color for all over your lid, add some mascara and wing out you liner (just a tiny bit, only enough to add a small amount of drama and draw attention to your eyes) and you are good to go!

- One last piece of advice, don't get caught up in the drama of high school. It can be hard no to get sucked up into drama, but always remember, just let it go, forgive, forget, and its done with.

I hope this helps some of you girls, I know this would have definitely helped me when I was a Freshman because, yes, I was the dork rushing to get to my locker all the time, stopping in the middle of the hallways, searching for friends when I got to lunch, borrowing other people's supplies, asking my friends for a pad, wearing a little too dramatic eyeshadow/liner combo, and trying to sort out all the drama!
Good Luck Everyone!

Have any other tips?
Leave them in the Comments!

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Sigma Giveaway Winner!

Hello everyone! I would like to thank all of the wonderful entrants for participating in my Sigma Giveaway and also for leaving me very kind comments and words of encouragement. Now let's get on to the winner, shall we?

Congratulations to.....


I have eMailed you the details and you must reply within the next 48 hours or else another winner will be chosen.  Congratulations and Thank You for participating!

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**Giveaway Reminder +1 Entry**

Hello everyone! Just one final reminder for you all to head over to my Sigma Giveaway and enter to win a Travel E25 Blending Brush by Sigma Beauty. This giveaway will be ending on August 9, 2011 at 11:59PM EST, so make sure you are entered before then!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Interesting Link:

Hey everyone, I'm back! And I have already stumbled across another link I think is worthy enough for some time in the spotlight. This time around I found an awesome comparison shopper that allows you to search for any kind of goods and compare prices to help you get the best deals on all of your purchases.

Screenshot taken at 4:58 PM EST on August 6, 2011

This site can be super helpful for those of you who are strapped for cash or for those who want to just be able to spend wisely. This site has a huge selection of merchandise to shop and compare including cosmetics, purses, shoes, and clothes! As well, you can see top products and searches in each category where they feature loads of different brands from high-end to low-end so you can search and compare all of your favorites in one place. Searching on this site is super easy since they allow you to search for specific items and phrases like a Lacoste Messenger Bag or Bolle Sunglasses or you can just type in a general search like Southern Lady Clothing. It even helps you sort through products according to price, store, brand, category, gender/age, and color so you always find what you are looking for. 

When you finally find that perfect product, just click on 
to buy the product (they provide the direct link to the product site so you don't need to go hunting for it!). Whether you are browsing, comparing or buying, this site is super helpful in your search for the perfect... well, whatever you are looking for!

Have you ever tried a comparison shopper like this before?
Do you use one frequently or only every so often?
Tell me in the Comments!
*I may be compensated for this blog post

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Stylish Blogger Award!

Hey Everyone! I was recently awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by two lovely ladies, Love.Life.Beauty. and Beauty Blogger. I would like to thank them for giving me this award and therefore giving me the chance to award some other great bloggers worthy of this award as well.

Here are the rules for receiving the award
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you. (click on their usernames above)
2. List 7 things about yourself that you haven't mentioned before
3. Award other great bloggers and let them know!

7 Things You Don't Know:
 - I own a third of my puppy (he is a 7 year old Maltese, but I still call him a puppy).
 - I always wanted to start doing Youtube videos, but I'm just too shy so I choose to write instead.
 - I like any kind of book, movie or T.V. show that involves mystery and/or girliness.
 - I prefer a piece of boiled chicken over a perfectly cooked piece of filet mignon.
 - I prefer simpler things over the more complicated things.
 - I like to blast music and sit down to watch my favorite T.V. shows (in peace!) when no one else is home.
 - I am an actor at a local charity haunted house.

5 people who deserve this award:
 - Tori
 - Kristen
 - Charlotte
 - Shanelle
 - Beauty Guru 212

As always, Thank you for giving me this award, it is really a great honor and once again, thank you to all of my subscribers for helping me and supporting me!

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*Sigma Giveaway Update*

Hey everyone! As many of you know, I have a Sigma Giveaway currently running until August 9th, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST, if you are interested in winning a Travel E25 Blending Brush make sure you enter before then! I also thought I would share a little secret with you as well (Shhhhh! Don't tell!), if you are interested in purchasing the Cleansing and Polishing Tool from Sigma Beauty you can save 10% off of your purchase by using this code: GLOW2011 anytime between now and August 31, 2011. Good Luck and Happy Savings!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Skincare Review: Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

I am always on the look-out for some simple, yet seriously heavy duty towelettes to get my makeup off before bed when I don't feel like washing my face and for me, these babies make the cut! {If you have read my July Favorites you already know I have been absolutely loving these towelettes since the day I brought them home with me}

Yes To Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes
Finding a mediocre great makeup removing towelette in today's beauty isles can be hard, tiring and frustrating! With that said, I have tried what seems like a thousand different varieties and brands of towelettes, each failing to completely remove my makeup or leaving behind a sticky residue. Somehow when searching the isles of my local Tar-geh I just knew these would be the towelettes that would be life changing and end my search for the perfect one (as I had thought with every other wipe I had tried!). So after picking up a few other beauty items I rushed home to wait for night fall so I could try one out, I was certain they were magical!

Upon opening the packaging up the very first time, as the name suggests, the strong scent of cucumbers wafted up to my nose. I am not kidding, it was like I just cut a slice of cucumber and put it up to my nose! Personally I love this scent, but if you are some one who gets agitated with strong scents or do not like the smell of cucumber, you may want to forgo these wipes.

All scents aside, I plucked one from the double sealed package and immediately noticed the full tissue size and durability of  the cloth itself (no ripping and tearing of the cloth easily). Then came the true test, time to "Wipe That Smile ON my Face!" It took probably 5 wiping motions to get all my makeup off of my face (which is unheard of!), but I kept wiping because it made my skin feel so refreshed and clean just like I had washed my face with a gentle cleanser. Then came time for the eye makeup which is often times when most towelettes falter, but not the case with these wipes. I folded the wipe in half and gently rubbed back and forth over my lashes and after 30 seconds I opened my eyes and saw all of my mascara on the wipe and none smeared onto my skin!

These wipes are like a dream come true, they cleanse and remove makeup while nourishing my skin with green tea without the use of alcohol or oils unlike others I have tried. Thanks to all the good ingredients packed into these wipes they are ideal to use on even the most sensitive of skin and are even Dermatologist and Optomalagist tested, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. In addition to being great for your skin, these wipes are also doing good by not being tested on animals and being made out of biodegradable material, a win-win for me!

The Stats:
 - Super clean, fresh, cucumber scent
 - Smooth, Durable cloth
 - Double sealed to keep moisture in
 - No residue
 - Leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized
 - Completely removes mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and pretty much any product you put on your face!
 -Dermatologist and Optomalagist tested, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
 - Cruelty Free
 - Made of biodegradable material (the wipes themselves)
 - $5.00-$6.00 for 30 Towelettes

Do you have any favorite makeup removing wipes?
Tell me what they are in the Comments!
**Remember To Enter My Sigma Giveaway For an E35**