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Tools Review: Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black

Since I have received my Sigma Travel Kit (click here to read my Sigma Experience post *this post was delayed for quite a bit as I tried to get other posts out, but I have had the brushes for a while before this post was published) I have been using the brushes practically everyday and I can not get enough of them!

Sigma Travel Kit in Naughty in Black

After using these brushes for quite some time now (it has been about a month since I have recieved them) they have held up extremely well with daily use and weekly cleanings. But before we get too far in detail about the brushes lets start with the luxurious leather case these travel-ready beauties come in.

I have to admit, I am a sucker for packaging, and these high-quality travel-sized brushes come neatly placed in a super soft leather travel brush roll that makes me "ahhhhhh" in wonder. Upon unfolding the roll the very first time I made sure to (silently) thank Sigma Beauty (in my head) for using a magnetic closure to ensure that my beauty goodies inside do not come out without the hassle of ties or a rubberband. When I finally completely unfolded the brush roll I immediately noticed two things that make this brush roll unique and one of the best I have ever seen or used. 1.) It has a small zipper compartment that can be used to stash anything from your blush compact and favorite lip gloss to the bonus Duo Fibre - F50 brush that Sigma is nice enough to also include with this awsome kit. 2.) There is a fold-over flap to ensure that none of the brushes will slip-out of the case and get ruined in your purse (or gym bag or book bag or suitcase or... I think you get the point).

Left to Right: Large Powder - F30, Large Angled Contour - F40, Foundation - F60, Eye Shading - E55, Pencil - E30, Tapered Blending - E40, and Concealer - F70
Now we can get on to the part you (and me to!) have been waiting for,

Starting with the first brush in this kit, the Large Powder - F30, I thought this kit was just going to be average. This brush is made up of quality natural bristles, but I feel the bristles could be a bit softer. However, what it lacks in softness it makes up in density because this brush is crazy dense, almost resembling a kabuki brush, but this is more of a paddle brush than a round kabuki (if you are looking for a kabuki brush try the Buffer - F45). This brush is great for applying a variety of powders like pressed powder foundation, loose powders like BareMinerals Mineral Veil and even all-over bronzer is super easy to apply with this brush. Only downside to this brush is that it does shed quite a bit initially (probably 9 bristles came out when just stroking the brush when I got it out of the brush gaurd), but after the initial shedding I have not seen it shed a single fiber.

Moving on to the second brush in the line-up, the Large Angled Contour - F40, my thoughts on the kit were dramatically different. Again, this brush is made up of natural bristles, however the bristles seem softer than the bristles on the Large Powder - F30 brush. In my experience, this brush is best used with powder products for contouring with bronzer or applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and even for applying highligh shades to the tops of cheeks. Unlike the Large Powder - F30 this brush has not shed at all which was very pleasantly surprising.

The third face brush in the set, the Foundation - F60, is also a crowd pleaser in my eyes. I must admit that upon laying my eyes on it I thought that this brush was not anything different than any other flat foundation brush, but boy was I wrong! This brush is super versatile and can be used in a variety of ways for many different products. I like to use this synthetic bristled brush to apply cream, liquid and mousse products like foundation, concealer (when I need to conceal a large area) and cream/liquid/gel/mousse blushes (and sometimes if I need to pack some serious color on my cheeks I pat some powder blush on my apples of my cheeks with this brush to give a little more punch to a look). This brush also does well in the shedding department, not a single bristel has been shed!

The fourth and final face brush included with the kit (which is actually NOT included as a part of the kit, but is packaged with the kit as a free gift although anyone / everyone who orders the kit will receive this brush as well; checkout my Sigma Experience for more info on it) is the Duo Fibre - F50 (NOTE: This brush is not in the pictures of the brushes in the case, there is no designated brush holder in the case for this extra brush). I will start of by saying that I have always wanted a duo fiber brush, so it was pretty much love at first sight with this brush. For those of you not familiar with the term "duo fibre" it refers to just that, a brush with two kinds of fibers, natural and synthetic, to create an airbrushed look. There are two different ways to use a duo fibre brush, "stippling", which is basically touching the brush to the skin and lifting it off quickly whithout actually moving the bristles across the skin, and "buffing", where the brush touches the skin and is continously moved in a circular motion across the skin without being lifted off. I love this brush for both of those purposes and either way it gives me a flawless finish. Just one drawback to this brush is that when using either of the methods listed above with a thick cream/liquid/mousse/gel foundation tends to produce a slightly cakey finish which I am, and I am sure all of you are, not fond of. One other thing about this brush that I do not like so much is that every once in a while I find a random little hair in my makeup from the brush. However, this brush is so versatile that I don't mind the small amount of shedding every now and then considering if I had to do my makeup with just one brush, I would choose this one since is can use it for everything from foundation to setting powder and blush (and even when I do not use this brush to apply my foundation I at least use it along my hairline and jaw too make sure my foundation is blended and matches the skin on my neck and chest).

Starting off with the most basic of eyebrushes in the line-up, the Eye Shading - E55 is just the brush for benginners and well advanced makeup mavens alike. The natural bristles on this essential brush pick up just enough shadow and applies it with minimum fall-out and zero bristles end up on your lid. The bristles on this brush are also super soft, but still firm enough to be able to swipe, pat and pack on color to your lid, lowerlishline, browbone and even your crease and outer-v. If I only had one brush to do an eye look with, this would be the brush I pick up every single time.


The second eye brush featured in this kit is the truely essential Pencil - E30. The natural bristles on this brush are shaped to a perfect point that is perfect for an array of things such as smudging shadow and liner on the upper and lower lashlines and placing color in the crease and outer-v. This is truely one detailing brush everyone should own!
To blend-out that color placed in the crease and outer-v try this Tapered Blending - E40.  These never-scratchy natural bristles perfectly blend and apply crease colors like a dream thanks to the large, rounded shape. No shedding has been detected even during and after cleanings when shedding is most probable.

The last, but certainly not the least brush in the kit is the Concealer - F70. The synthetic bristles and flat, but ever-so tiny shape of this brush makes it perfect for concealing dark circles, breakouts, and scarring or hyperpigmentation. However, this brush is also great for applying eye primers, powder and cream eyeshadow and even lipstick flawlessly. When in doubt, take this brush with you in your purse, it can multitask and be used for just about anything.

The Stats:
 - High Quality Brushes
 - High Quality Brush Roll
 - Some light shedding from the face brushes
 - Many of the brushes can be easily used for other purposes (multitasking!)
 - Most of the brushes are natural fibers with the exception of the duo fibre, concealer, and foundation brush
 - Withstand daily use and weekly cleanings very well
 - The brush guards on the large face brushes are very handy when traveling
 - Short, but still nice sized travel handles
 - All of the brushes are very soft, but some are softer than others
 - Great beginner kit, but also good for keeping in purses, gym-bags and carry-ons.

 Wow! That was quite long!
Have you used Sigma Brushes? Which brushes interest you most?
Share them in the Comments!
*I am an affiliate of Sigma Beauty


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