Monday, July 4, 2011

My First Sigma Experience with the Travel Kit in Naughty In Black

Hey everyone! As many of you know, I have recently become a Sigma Beauty Affiliate and I thought it was only fair if I give you all my honest opinion of the company and what better way to do that than a review of my very first Sigma experience.

When I first received my Sigma package I was very impressed by how well the products inside were protected by a sturdy, heavy, white cardboard box which tells me that they do care about the condition of the products before, during and after the shipping process. As well, it didn't hurt that once I opened the plain cardboard box I caught a glimpse of the packaged products in a cute purple mesh bag that can be reused for just about anything.

After I opened up the purple mesh bag I was surprised to see more than just the Travel Kit. Sigma was generous  enough to include a free travel sized Duo Fiber - F50 brush packaged in its own mini mesh bag. I loved that they did this because it allows me to be able to switch it out with any other brush in the set if I prefer to use a set of brushes on certain days or on certain trips I take.  

As well, Sigma also included a guide that had pictures and descriptions of the various brushes included with the kit and possible uses for the brushes. I found this extremely useful and it seems great for girls out there who are new to make up brushes and are not exactly sure what each brush is used for.

Sigma even included a card that has cleaning and maintenance instructions on it which is again, very helpful and seems great for girls who have not owned makeup brushes before.

My experience so far with Sigma was great and Sigma has really impressed me with how much they care about their customers and their products. It is safe to say I can't wait to order something from their website in the near future since I have been really eyeing the Synthetic Face Kit, the Face and Eyes Kit and the new Bare Palette which is part of a collection of three eyeshadow palettes that they have just released and I am dying to try it out! 

P.S.- I will be reviewing the brushes in a few weeks and then a giveaway may be in the works

Have you tried Sigma brushes or their new palettes?
If you have I would love to hear your experience in the Comments!

*I am affiliated with Sigma Beauty and affiliate links may have been used in this post

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StephanieLouise said...

I Love Sigma! I too am an affiliate and find they are amazing quality! Hope you love them! xoxoxo