Friday, June 3, 2011

Makeup Tools: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Sometimes our lashes could use a little help in the curl department. Well, this eyelash curler is like a push-up bra for your lashes! It is definitely something I swear by and is considered a cult favorite by many beauty gurus, it's the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.

This little beauty is my first and only true love eyelash curler. Okay though I did have a little plastic portable eyelash curler from Revlon when I was 12, but this is the real deal and I would never use anything but this. Why you ask? because it is simply the best at its job and I don't feel like I could ever need any other curler. I feel like the wide curve of the curler gets all of my lashes from the ones in the very inner-corner to the outer-edge giving me that doey-eyed look instantly!

The Stats:
 - Made of high-quality metal
 - Only come with 1 silicone replacement pad
 - Replacement pads are not sold separately, so you must repurchase the entire curler (it is said that after you go through the two pads the metal is worn down, but I don't think so)
 - Wide curler (great for women with wide, almond-shaped eyes)

Sorry this was a little bit shorter than usual, but it sort-of just does was it is meant to do, so I didn't feel a long explanation was needed.

What's your favorite eyelash curler?


Britt said...

This is my absolute favorite eyelash curler! I get amazing lashes with this thing and I don't think I'll every buy a different one! I forgot about the replacement pad...I wonder where mine went. Do you know when you're supposed to change it? Is there a time frame or is it supposed to not work as well? I have never heard anyone explain the replacement pads before!

- Britt

Couture Shimmer said...

Don't worry, I lost my 1 replacement pad too! With this curler you are supposed to change the silicon pad every 3 months or whenever you start to see a mark forming in the silicon pad and it stops performing as well as it used to, but that means that you would go through 2 or more curlers every year! I have had mine for about a year or 2 and I have never changed the replacement pad on it and the metal looks fine and slides just as easily as it did out-of-the-box, so I think buying another curler every 6 months, especially one this expensive (about $19.00) is borderline ridiculous.
I hope this helps answer your question!

Bereniice said...

Everytime I hear about this eyelash curler I start thinking that I need to buy it, but then I'm like, nah, mine works perfectly I don't need another!!.. but now... I want to buy it again hahah