Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makeup Review: Buxom Lash Mascara

As I promised in my May favorites post here is my review on the Buxom Lash!

I usually do not like high-end mascaras because all too often the splurge is not worth the results and every three months you have to shell out the cash for another one, so I'm more of a drugstore mascara girl. However, this mascara is worth the extra penny when looking for a little indulgence. I first tried out this mascara when I received a small sample tube as a BeautyInsider 100 point reward from Sephora and it turned out to be a really great mascara! 

Full Sized Buxom Lash in Blackest Black
I would be lying if I said this mascara hasn't impressed me since then. My lashes are naturally decent in length, darkness, thickness, and curl, but with that said, I still would like more dramatic curling effect without an eyelash curler when I'm in a hurry and some added volume, a little bit more length, and separation without looking completely spidery and fake. This mascara gives my lashes exactly what they want without any of the other stuff they don't. 

This mascara makes my lashes appear curled as if with an eyelash curler and adds some volume without looking ridiculous, which is a major plus because it eliminates the extra step of using a curler which I accredit to the formulation of the mascara. However, the separation abilities of this mascara is completely accredited the plastic bristles. Personally I do not prefer either plastic or fibers, each do their jobs the way they were meant to and neither bothers me. Although, one exception is when layering I do tend to prefer fiber-bristle-wand mascaras on top because instead of combing lashes they seem to just coat them gently, however if I am just adding more layers on top of this mascara with this same mascara then it does not bother me at all because the formulation is giving and reworks itself. What I love best though is that with this mascara, I usually do not get any clumps at all, which is great because I can then eliminate the need to use a lash comb, saving me even more time!

In general, this mascara has performed the best up-to-date for me, but I feel like other drugstore mascaras for a much cheaper price are right up to par with this one like the Maybelline Express One-By-One (around $8.00) and my beloved Wet n' Wild Mega Volume (around $3.00). I do feel like this is definitely a splurge item because every 3 months you should throw the old tube away and pick up another one which can be costly for some, so if I was looking for a little mascara-indulgence I would definitely pick this up again and again. 

The Stats:
 - No clumping
 - Costs $18.00 (Sephora pricing) 
 - Plastic Bristles
 - No crunchy feeling or flaking
 - Comes in Blackest Black and Special Effects Blue Noir(new)
 - No need for a lash comb or curler
 - Does not make lashes look spidery
 - Cheaper mascaras like the Maybelline One-By-One (around $8.00) and Wet n' Wild Mega Volume (around $3.00) perform just as well to this more pricy-er mascara

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