Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Blog Award!

I am super excited to tell you all that both Jen, aka Pinkpurse21, and BeautyBlogger1891 awarded me a Best Blogger Award! I am thrilled to say the least about this because I never even dreamed that I would ever gain as many followers as I have throughout the duration of my blogging. Thank You so much Jen, BeautyBlogger1891, and all of my followers, for supporting me and helping my blog grow. (I am sure to have a giveaway in July to formally thank you all, so check back often for that!) 

Part of this award is the part that keeps on giving by choosing 15 other bloggers to award, but before we get on to that I need to do a few other things.

1) Link back to the person that awarded this to you. (Click on Jen's and BeautyBlogger1891's usernames above to be directed to their awesome blogs!) 

2) Share 7 random things about yourself. 
            - I like to listen to pop/rock and alternative bands (I am such a girly-girl no one ever expects this)
            - My favorite historical person is Abraham Lincoln 
            - I love pets and animals as long as they are not reptiles/insect/anything spidery and scary looking
            - I absolutely hate it when people try to help me with anything 
            - Next year I will be attending a vocational school half-day for Cosmetology
            - I love swimming under water, never on-top
            - I am easily entertained by sparkly things (yes, I hate to admit it)

3) Now I get to award 15 blogs that I absolutely love and think are the best blogs around!
4) Answer the following questions
        - Favorite Color: 
Neon lime green
        - Favorite Song: Just Friends by Kill Paradise
        - Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Pudding
        - What Is Pissing You Off?: My sister's screaming, that is all she ever does.
        - When You're Upset, You...: Bottle it up, I do not like to show weakness and I know it is not good to bottle it up, but I do anyways.
        - Your Favorite Pet: Depends on the day, one day I will love my dog Sweeper, the next day it is my sister Stacy's cat Stitch that is my favorite and the next day it is my sister Christina's cat Sundae that I wanna cuddle with.
        - Black or White: White usually
        - Biggest Fear: All insects/arachnids and very, very high heights.
        - Best Feature: My eyes and eye lashes
        - Everyday Attitude: Very bubbly and up-beat
        - What is perfection?: When I finally do something right and I do it on my own
        - Guilty Pleasure: Hmmmm.... definitely watching Pretty Little Liars and eating a bowl of ice cream while cuddling with one of the pets.

I had a lot of fun doing this post and I really want to thank everyone for supporting and helping me and making the beauty blogging community here on Blogger a really great place.


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Ashley said...

congrats girl!!

LOVE JOICE said...

Congratulation with the award! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

-Mystery Rose said...

Im happy you got this award(: I adore your blog!! SO helpful!

Charlotte! said...

Thanks for stopping by at my channel! by the way: how'd you find it? Any tips? Thanks!

JessieMariem said...

Thank you so much for passing along the award to me =] It's my first ever award!!

Much love!!