Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AOTD: Going GaGa Over Gold

This summer I have just started really liking gold accents accents and lately I have been loving all of these accessories together for a light, spring/summer look.

From Gold Bangles: Rustic Bangles from Charlotte Russe, Pink Bow Headband with Gold Accents from Charlotte Russe, Pink Flower Earrings from Forever21, Savina Nail Color in  Pink Poodle Pearl, Pink Gemstone Necklace from American Eagle

These accessories as you can tell have two things in common: gold accents and pale pink accents. I am not really sure why, but these two colors are so complementing to each other that I can not resist these accessories! Numerous times this month I have gone a little overboard with the pale pink/gold wearing the necklace, nail polish, and bangles or the headband, polish and bangles and even the earrings and bangles. If there is a combination of these accessories not named, I have probably already tried that too!

I have never been one for gold throughout my whole entire life until now, which is really odd, but I guess everyone's tastes change, right? Nevertheless, I still love my sterling silver and white gold, but good old yellow gold is the icing on my jewelry cake.

What Accessories Have You Been Loving Lately?
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Ashley said...

we are totally feeling the same way. I feel like gold is such a fun color to wear in the summer time. And so I've been buying alot more gold.

Billie Houghton said...

Totally agree, loving gold at the moment!