Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Are YOUR Nails Wearing Tonight?

So tonight I felt like shaking up my usual neutral-pale-pink nail polish for something a little more vibrant, yet still tame.

There I was examining my nail polish shelves which, by the way, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a little picture tour of my nail polish set up, so comment below if you would!

Back to the story: So there I was examining my nail polish shelves as if I were accusing each and every nail polish of nail murder when I laid eyes on a recently hauled polish that I have been literally DYING! to wear again!

You guessed it: I'm In-Dia Mood for Love

(refer to for accurate color swatch)

I guess, I'm In-Dia Mood To Wear This Polish! This mid-tone pink stole my heart away the first time I laid eyes on it <3 and it has continued to be my current obsession, although...... Ogre The Top Blue is insanely bright and I also <3 that one, but this one is winning me over at this minute.

So, What are YOUR nails wearing tonight?

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