Monday, May 16, 2011

NOTD: O.P.I Rally Pretty Pink

NOTD: Nails Of The Day!
NOTE:(I know I said I would do a big haul post on all of the new O.P.I polishes I have suddenly acquired, but I think doing a review or notd or What are you wearing on your nails tonight? kind of thing one by one will be better because I have a feeling one big long post would be just too long)

Hey, how was everyone's Monday?

So actually I have been wearing O.P.I's Rally Pretty Pink on my nails since last thursday and ladies, this nail polish will probably go a whole week until is chips! I'm super impressed! Although I'm really not so sure as to whether or not it is the top coat (I used a no-name random top coat I picked up forever ago that I don't normally ever use) or the actual nail polish that is preventing the chips, but nonetheless my fingers are chip-free four days in! (which is almost unheard of for me)

O.P.I Rally Pretty Pink

This color is very unique in itself and trying to take pictures of this polish was no easy feat because from every angle the color appears a little bit different. Therefore, I highly encourage all of you to reference for accurate color swatches. However to me I feel like this polish is a much more purple-y version of Hard Candy's Hypnotic nail polish.[Personally I would describe this OPI color as a sort of holographic polish which appears purple, then gold in another light]

Left to right: OPI Rally Pretty Pink, Hard Candy Hypnotic

The Stats:
 - Wears very well/ Does not chip easily
 - Interesting and unique color
 - Smooth consistency going on the nail
 - This color came in the exclusive Serena Williams Grand Slam Duo with Red Shatter nail polish

So, How was your Monday? 
Do you own this unique polish?

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Lindsey said...

Nice nails! I like your blog! Definitely going to follow you! ;)

xoxo Lindsey