Monday, May 30, 2011

2 Tips To Wear Flowy and Shapless Clothing

 I love form-fitted clothes as much as the girl next to me, but unfortunately for me, tighter clothing isn't flattering on my body-type. So for girls out there like me who prefer flow-yer options, yet don't want to look like you are wearing a potato sack, I have 2 tricks and tips to help you style your clothes and avoid looking like a puddle of clothing.

1.) My first tip is to highlight the smallest part of your abdomen. Whether you realize it or not, everyone has a defined waistline. For some people that is right below their bust and for others like myself it is in the middle of their abdomen and even for others their smallest part is right before their hip. To help highlight one of these three areas I recommend using a belt to cinch a shirt or dress in. (The pictures below exhibit where the belt should be placed)

(although I would recommend using a smaller belt for a high waistline)

2.) My second tip is to pair a more masculine, shapeless pair of pants or bermuda shorts with a very feminine, tailored, overly girly blouse. This works well to counteract the shapelessness of of the pants or shorts by making the upper part of your outfit show off your curves (I said tailored, not tight, two completely different things). 

Yellow Eyelet Cami

 Pair these linen, loose bermudas with the not quite flowy, not completely fitted yellow tank for a weekend look.

Cherry Ruffle Top

You can even wear this more flowy option because the cinch underneath the bust area will give some shape the the torso and the cherry print and ruffles around the v-neck elude to a more feminine touch paired with a dark wash bermuda would be great for school or to lunch on a weekend.

I hoped this helped some of you ladies out there like myself

Do have any tips and tricks for styling up loose-fitting clothes?
Share them in the comments!


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