Sunday, May 8, 2011

Guess What's In Store? Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hey Everyone! This is going to be a quick little update about my weekend and about what I've got in store for all of you lovelies!

So, in case you haven't already read the title of this little post, 
I've Got My Paws On...
 The Urban Decay Naked Palette! 

So, just yesterday my sister and I decided to drop by Ulta to see if they had any of the O.P.I Black Shatter polishes in stock, and after only finding disappointment stocked on the O.P.I shelves, we each started to wander off looking around at fragrances, skincare and of course makeup when I by chance looked at one of the Urban Decay displays and found the Holy Grail Palette! 

As soon as I saw it I snatched one up like a thief stealing precious gems from an underground vault! I was sooooo excited I literally almost screamed out of joy for just being able to just hold the palette in my hands. But then, I soon realized... I had no money what-so-ever to buy this magnificent $48 palette. However, much pleading, bargaining, and whining to my sister later, I left the store with this palette in hand.

So yes, my sister did buy this for me, but as an early birthday present for the next 12 years... (yea that was the deal I had to make with her). But I already know this palette is worth it and so much more!

Don't be looking for a review just yet, I know it's probably killing you!, but I would like to be able to experiment with it for a week or two so I can give you guys some good suggestions on color combos and give accurate descriptions of each shadow's consistency and overall quality of the palette. However, I will tell you, I'm already wearing a few shadows today, and so far they go on smoothly and stay put with the help of the mini eyeshadow primer potion included with the palette. 

Oh and here's another bonus on another topic: This weekend my sister and I (we tend to share almost everything) somehow gained a WHOPPING 9 more O.P.I Nail Polishes so I'll be posting a review on these in another week or two as well. 

So, How was your weekend?


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