Saturday, May 21, 2011

AOTD: Flower Earrings

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you had a good week! And to kick off the weekend, an Accessory Of The Day!

These earrings are my new go-to when I need to put a pair of earrings on to add to my outfit. I just can not put down these flower earrings for more than a day simply because of the gold metal accents around the petals (For some reason I'm very into gold now whereas before this spring I always preferred silver) and this creamy white color goes with nearly anything and everything in my closet. These are also even more versatile earrings because the flower shape adds a spring-inspired vibe to any outfit and with the additional colors, these are a staple in my ever growing earring collection.

 - These flower earrings came in a pack of 9 sets of earrings from Forever21 for around $6.00. 
 - There were three pairs of these flower dangle earrings in (one pair in each color) the creamy white shown above, pale pink, and black
 - Each one of the colors have their own coordinating rhinestone earrings and ball earrings which is great for girlies with two or three ear piercings because it takes the guesswork out of trying to match up all of your earrings.

Do you have any go-to spring/summer earrings?
Post a picture or description in the comments!

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